10 Unsolved Strange And Oddity

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Consider the following quote.

Where did humans come from? If you view from the Gospel and the Scriptures, it is very clear to say that God is the creator of human beings (Genesis Chapter 1). But how the actual process of creating it?
Charles Darwin once offered the theory that humans are evolved from apes. If so, then it “should” people will continue to evolve into better beings. But in fact, already more than 2000 years, no changes in humans. Does that mean evolution stopped?
Another theory says that humans came from Space space creatures. If so, then the question becomes: where creatures come from?

2. Bimini Road:

The diver (divers) who certainly never saw a trail under the north sea island of Bimini in the Bahamas. Many people argue that the path is made by nature. However, the arrangement of the stone path that raises further questions as too “neat”. Some experts suspect that the road is part of the City of Atlantis (as written by Plato several centuries ago). But to date there has been no additional evidence concerning the existence of “lost city” is. And the Bimini Road is still a question: is the way it is made of natural or man? Who is the author?

3. LIGHT BULB Marfa:

Also called “Ball of Light Ghost”. First seen in 1880 in the west of Marfa, Texas. The light was described by a basketball, flying with the man’s shoulder height. Usually white, yellow, orange, red, and sometimes blue or green. The balls used to fly around a particular area, then disappear by itself. To this day, the light was still visible. No explanation, what exactly is the light-light.

4. LOST MYSTERY Jimmy Hoffa:

Known as the Labor leader of the most influential American in the year 1950 – 1960, Jimmy Hoffa is a figure that has changed the face of American labor world. Dated July 30, 1975, Hoffa disappeared in Detroit parking lot and never found again. One theory is believed Hoffa was killed by Jack Anthony Giacalone, a New Jersey gang leader. The bodies mentioned Hoffa buried under the foundations of the stadium the Giants, Detroit. When carried out excavations on the foundations of the stadium, Hoffa body was not found.

5. Mothman:

Mothman is one of a fairly well-known urban legend in the area of ​​Virginia. Mothman is a creature described as tall as humans and winged, red-eyed, sometimes appear without heads and red eyes in the chest. First discovered in the burial ground in Virginia in 1926. To this day, the police are still receiving reports of the appearance of Mothman. Who is he? No one knows. In general, there has never been any reports of people being attacked Mothman.

Renowned as a mysterious killer in the year 1888, the identity of Jack the Ripper to this day is never revealed. The victim is a prostitute who was murdered in a way that is reliable and mutilation perfect, make the police think he is a surgeon. Despite a lot of books, films, and published the theory, the identity of Jack the Ripper remains a mysterious and yet there is any evidence that could explain the actual identity.

7. Babushka THE LADY:

If you’ve watched the tape the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas in 1963, noticed in the right corner of the tape. There was a veiled woman babushkas (Russian-made scarves) that look to record the incident. The woman was believed to be the person who had an important role in the murder of John F. Kennedy because he is in a position very close to the victim when the incident occurred. In the tape, seen the woman holding the camera, and record the event.
Strangely, she never recovered. The FBI has asked her to hand over the tape to help the FBI find the killer of President of America. But she never showed up. Who is he? How can he stand so close to the car the President? No one knows to this day.


One of the most intelligent killer who was never caught until today is the Zodiac Killer. 1960, the Zodiac Killer to the attempted murder of seven people in Northern California. Five victims died, and two seriously injured. Initially, police struggled to find the identity of the killer. A month after the first murder, the killer sent a letter to the police and claimed he was named the Zodiac Killer, and challenged the police to arrest him.
After the killings to-7, Zodiac Killer suddenly disappeared. Does he have killed? And who was he really? No one can explain.

9. Ogopogo:

If a creature named Nessy the Loch Ness lake has been proven is false, then it is different with the Ogopogo. Nessy like creature (long-necked, big bodied, and headed like a lizard) is a mysterious creature that appears in the Okanagan River, Canada. Many witnesses who managed to record images of these creatures. But no one has managed to catch it. Creature who is also known by the name it has now become the mascot Naitaka Park Kelowna, Canada. Is Ogopogo really exists? Really he is a prehistoric reptile is still alive? There is no concrete evidence that could explain its existence to this day.

10. HARBOUR Shag Incident:

Is a mysterious explosion incident which occurred at Shag Harbour, Nova Scotia, dated October 4, 1967. An object hit the Shag Harbour at 11:20 at night, causing a huge explosion. There were no casualties. The witnesses saw the object as “flying saucers”. Not long after, the place was closed immediately. Canada military soon arrive. In an instant, the place was cleaned and immediately transported puing2. The incident was covered up very impressed. What exactly happens? Did a flying saucer that crashed? Government of Canada has never issued any statement on this matter. And to this day, the mystery is never revealed.


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