Android Phones 2012-The Leader Losing Its Edge?

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Android operating system is what we needs to discuss today, and we are very glad to discuss a topic that means something in the shaping of the smartphone world. With all the discussion about Apple iPhone vs. Android nowadays, it is very convenient to not remember how the bulk of the world’s mobile owners even make calls & connect to internet through feature phones, and even a lately announced report from a reputed mobile strategy firm is taking a glance at the present day’s mobile phone souk finding that in spite of the quick increase in smartphone sales over 2010 & 2011, worldwide smartphone penetration (considering the operating system) is still merely 27%, and did you expected this?

Android operating system was founded at California by some entrepreneurs who wanted to develop mobile phones that would understand their owners more intelligently, and unfortunately their dream was never fulfilled. Well, we are just saying that their dream was fulfilled when Google acquired the firm and made it its subsidiary so that they can enter the mobile phone market, however they were not the first to enter the smartphone space. Apple   released its iOS-running Apple iPhone and soon earned the tag of the leader in the newly-found smartphone space, so what happened to Google’s ambitions?

See, this non-telecom player also released its Android operating system which was not awarded under any license fee, instead the search giant relied on earnings from the sales of apps and of course the ad revenues. Very few know this fact that Google also earns some amount from sales of Apple iPhones as they license many of its products to the Cupertino-based mobile phone manufacturer. Apple in turn does not rely on the search mogul for any form of earning, so is Google overly-dependant on the iOS? Well, according to some reports Google lesser cash on Android-running devices and more on iPhones. Anyway, several new Android phones in 2012 should change this situation as if an organization depends too much on its rivals, it’s not considered good for the company. However it’s an inevitable situation in the smartphone market where a company like Apple relies on its biggest rival Samsung to supply display panels.

Still, we expect that upcoming Android phones in 2012 will sort out this issue, otherwise Google’s dependency on iOS will increase more.

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Best android phone 2012 will kick start new processes of including those users who are still need to upgrade from feature phones to more advanced new phones coming soon, so will they succeed in their ambitions?


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