Memory Issues

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Some people forget about things easily due to various things like busy schedule, absent memory, stress, getting old and so on. Some times we forget about important things in our life and regret a lot in future. This kind of forgetting activities is quite common to every one, but we must be careful and prepare to avoid the memory issues which gives some unwanted problems.

We can take notes about important things, set reminders in our cell phone, note as a schedule in our laptop to remember about important things. In this way we avoid the forgetting issues and remember about the important activities at time and do our work properly. Some people note down each and every activities in the laptop and follow the schedule, there is nothing wrong in this activity and it will help us to do all our tasks properly. 

If we concentrate in a particular thing and give our full focus to it, we will forget about other things, some times we will forget about some important schedules due to this activity, at that time, if we set an reminder in our cell phone, it will rind and remind about our schedule which will be useful to us to remember about the particular task.

There is nothing wrong in forgetting about things and it is not a great mistake, we will avoid this by increasing our memory power, we can take proper diet and herbs which help us to increase our memory power. Yoga and meditation also help us to increase memory. Taking healthy foods and doing proper exercise will help us to live a happy life, planning things properly and making reminders about important things will help us to do the things correctly without forgetting it.

This kind of absent memory don’t have any proper age, it will affect anyone. There is no age restriction for it, better to organize our work and keep reminders to do our things correctly and avoid future regrets. 

What is your opinion about memory issues? Do you have any memory issues like foretting, absent memory? what are your ways to improve your memory skills? Do you take any special food for your memory?


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