Network Marketing Training: What 3 Flaws Cause The Frustration And Chaos of Network Marketing Business in Relation to an Unqualified Mentor/sponsor?

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The life of a network marketer has potential to be the most frustrating and chaotic venture of your life with an unqualified mentor or sponsor. Mentors have a substantial impact on success in network marketing and when mentors lack true training mentees feel the hurt. . I’m going to explain these three elements to you: 1) A substantial lack of experience and business “street sense” and its effect on mentees, 2) Use of meetings to deliver hype not content with 90% storytelling and 10% content, 3) and regurgitating their company script rather than true masterminding and improvement.

First, I’ll explain the substantial lack of experience and business “street sense” and its effect on mentees. The difference between knowing what to say and taking action on it is night and day, to better explain my point I’ll take the difference between a college professor teaching theory and an entrepreneur in the trenches. The professor will teach you the vocabulary, what it means and teach you the overall picture of business and how it works. An entrepreneur in the trenches knows the daily frustration of hurdles and struggles and knows that the most important factor is the one you can’t control, one of which is time. An entrepreneur in the trenches is able to teach the importance of focus and discipline of day to day operations and revenue generating activities, because without revenue generating activities you can’t eat and you can’t pay your bills. Now we’ll go back to the difference between business street sense and theory. When you don’t get guidance from an entrepreneur who’s been in the trenches you’ll never understand the frustrations of business upfront and you’ll get shell shocked and quit, and when you do hit a hurdle you won’t have anyone to share struggles and mastermind with to become better with the hurdle but also your personal philosophy when dealing with it.

Second, the frustration and anger brought about by meetings with 90% hype and 10% content. This happens far too often by greedy mentors or worse yet oblivious mentors just reading a company script. I’ve encountered this countless times. You reschedule a date with your significant other, reschedule time with friends and family, postpone dinner or miss something fun like Monday night football and endure a meeting that completely wastes your time. In my last network marketing company I was in my office while Monday night football was on and a family friend was in town, I’ll never forget how much regret I felt when I realized how much time I just wasted. First 20 minutes introduced the speakers, next 10 hyped up the company, next 10 announced upcoming events and promotions, and 5 minutes was content I could use. Worse yet it wasn’t recorded so I had to take the risk that I would miss something by not showing up. In every meeting I’ve gone to I’ve just wanted the pure content of how I can improve myself and my business and not have it wasted by telling me numbers of people doing well or the companies improving stock. It wastes people’s time from revenue generating activities and putting food on the table. You must avoid systems that force you to pause your life for a meeting whether it’s with a mentor or a companywide meeting. We put our time, money, and energy into network marketing because of its potential to meet with people and do business on our terms, there is no longer a need to do the hustle and wait game as so many do in the corporate world. Network marketing is meant to be leveraged to your time. So that only hustle and wait game is the one you decide to do for yourself.

Third, I’ll discuss the night and day difference between script reading and genuine mentor masterminding. My first network marketing experience was loaded with this. I’d schedule a meeting with my mentor and I’d ask him a question and hear pages flipping in the background as he’d use the same tone and slow reading he’d used for sales calls. The times I asked him to stop reading the script and give me an answer from his own experience he’d tell me to just stay with the script and what the company said to do and I’d be fine. That’s one of the reasons I’d had enough of that company. A genuine mentor mastermind session is done with the sole purpose of illustrating value to you. Taking your question in real time and showing you either the immediate solution or calls to action that you can take to improve yourself so you can absorb the information, understand what you did wrong and practice the right things to do. For example, in the last session with my mentor we looked directly at the message to my audience and masterminded the effectiveness of its targeting and congruency to make sure that the tone, overall ambience and message were in line with what was needed. I was able to take away calls to action which helped me understand business and marketing from a mentor who’s been exactly where I was at and could help guide me to become better. That’s masterminding, leaving you with more knowledge and insight then when you came into the meeting.

The network marketing industry has potential to be a nightmare for people, leaving them with regret, shame, and distrust for the entire industry. The catalyst in the experience is the mentor, when your mentor is unqualified your chances of success are slim to none. You need to be aware of the three vital flaws in mentors to steer away from them. Once again they are: 1) A substantial lack of experience and business “street sense,” 2) Use of meetings to deliver hype not content with 90% storytelling and 10% content, 3) and regurgitating their company script rather true masterminding and improvement. Don’t become a victim of unqualified mentors from “turnkey systems” that embrace the easy way out for the company with regurgitation and script reading. Check out the company that fit my criteria and more information at my blog.


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