How to Know The Symptoms of a Fever?

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How to recognize the symptoms of a fever is one of the activities is simple, You just check for the sufferer. But we can not consider as a matter of simple, fever because if it goes too high and hold it for too long can damage organs, including the brain. So, it is important to recognize the symptoms of dengue fever are recognized and provide care as soon as possible. In this article we are going to recognize the symptoms of hay fever sufferers and helped gain recuperation.

First thing, the important thing to remember about people suffering from fever, usually they may feel lethargic and tired, whereas when they are under normal conditions is always active and energetic. In addition you will find that they have the appearance of being flushed and sweaty. Generally, the discomfort is caused by cold chills and observed. To provide first aid, you can apply a cold towel on the forehead to comfort sufferers and began to bring the fever down.

Other symptoms of hay fever sufferers have a heart rate is rapid and sometimes accompanied with shallow breathing. Their skin may be wet when touched and their condition may be irritability or fatigue, because they feel pain and discomfort. You should give plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration, since dehydration can become a very real problem when suffering from a fever. You can give a clear sweet tea, water, Apple juice, Pedialyte or soda flat is an excellent choice. Drink lots of fluids can rehydration, and will help the body to bring the fever down.

Actually a fever is the body’s way to kill infectious bacteria and viruses in the blood, the body reaches a high temperature literally burn up bug. Sometimes it works but other times it’s not effective. In any case, when the fever is experienced by the patient, it should not be allowed to run too high and too long, as this can cause damage to organs, including the brain.

To make sure the symptoms of fever, you take the temperature of the sufferer with a thermometer and if the temperature is above 100,4 degrees F continued to push for clear liquid and apply the waslap cold. If the fever lasts more than 3 days, see your doctor or go to the emergency room.

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