About Teething Gel

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This symptom is caused by the baby teeth pushing way up through the gums, this process can cause the over the top of mild to severe pain. Other symptoms of teething are fever, iritabilitas, and increased production of saliva and mucus.

Usually babies start teething around four to six months. You can handle the pain of teething with medication that is suitable for a baby, and baby pain can take half an hour or so to work. Babies need help to get rid of the pain quickly. Teething gel, used with directly applied to the gums, and provide the fastest possible pain relief is just a few minutes, the pain in the gums they will come down.

Typically, teething gel is packaged in a variety of dispenser, generally grow teeth gel most commonly come in a tube. You’ll need to cut the ends of the tub, and gel applied on cotton or gauze, you can also wear a clean finger and applied to the gums. But you have to be careful, keep your baby from swallowing gel.

Other teething medication available on the market, nor can you apply to your baby. Select one of them that provides comfortable wherever applied. One kind of shaped like swabs. When one end broken off, fill in the other side of the sponge, and then applied to the gums. These swabs are growing teeth usually come in a small plastic box, and easy to carry anywhere. In addition, you can use the tablet to grow teeth, that instantly dissolves on the tongue, this is also convenient for you in the itineraries.

There are two options when deciding to buy a teething gel. First, gel containing drugs is benzokain. It has a function as a local anesthetic, the discourages work with pain signals from reaching the brain. Second, you can also use teething gel from natural ingredients to provide assistance. These medicines do not contain benzokain. In addition they also as a herb to treat irritability, pain, and inflammation caused by growing teeth.

Before you apply one type of gel drug growing teeth, you should consult a physician, because not all babies can receive benzokain. Chemical substances may not be able to apply for your baby. Be careful when using drugs is the best idea.


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