Job Search. What to Look For, Not to be Deceived?

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Going for an interview at another company, a person tries to be as interesting and show their best as a professional and personality. In addition to these in the summary of the knowledge, skills, work experience and education level, the competitor is ready to show their best traits – sociability, intelligence, sense of humor, etc.

Preparing to make a favorable impression people have read many articles about how to behave during the interview and what to pay attention to employers. What about the employer himself? What was he like?

A person looking for work, not because he was bored at home. But wages are not the most important argument in choosing. No “King Solomon’s Mines” will not keep long, where high wages is the only plus. And they will have to pay the promised amount? This question is not always a positive response. To avoid unpleasant surprises, each interview should be bilateral, ie, showing themselves, in turn, observe, ask questions and analyze.

Before you respond to job, pay attention to how often you have met. If a company updates its posting for months – do not waste time in vain. This company does not need any employees, and this is one of the ways public relations, or she is looking for a unique specialist in the place which is currently occupied, or in the company’s permanent staff turnover for several reasons:

• With the director no one can work well together.

• «Snake ‘team.

• Permanently retained and not paid salaries.

• Unacceptable conditions.

• A popular way to sell – after three months of probation with a low payment, the person did not say, and take his place else. Thus, the company just saves.

Some seed companies to write an attractive position, and during the interview, it appears that just before you took it already, but there are a couple of other last-minute seats. Over time you will see that the announcement of updated and the “seed” the position has not changed much. In this case, contact the site to place false information on their pages. In this way you will not only help other people, but also will save your email from unwanted spam at the time of mailing of new jobs.

As a rule, the employer wants to get a generic worker for a small salary. This is understandable – why pay more if the market is crowded with unemployed labor, which are of hopelessness are ready to sell their labor even underestimated cost. But if you suddenly posting contains a list of responsibilities, which are able to handle even a child, and at the same promises solid wages, the question arises – who is this generous philanthropist, just handing out money?

Arriving for an interview, pay attention to the condition and appearance of the office staff. It is difficult to imagine people with high incomes in worn-out shoes, old clothes, which are no longer on the size, cheap cosmetics, with broken teeth and a bad haircut. If it seems that all the staff dressed in the near second-hand, and the walls and ceiling of the office is decorated with patterns of peeling paint and stains of last year’s floods, but with burning eyes you promise to pay, from which the heart stops – there is clearly something wrong .

• In the future will be to achieve the promised level of income, you have to work for the company for at least 10 years of age. But even if you are ready for such feats, not the fact that working conditions do not ruin you before.

• If it is network marketing, the level of earnings will depend on your sales. Did not work – no one to complain about. Suspicions that the promised income was significantly overstated, should illuminate you before. Like it or not, and besides myself nobody’s fault.

• Some companies are working on the principle of network marketing, the interviews are silent, that in order to gain access to product promotion, you must first buy it. Prices are quite high in this case, it turns out that instead of money, you have to spend. They are called with a loud word “investment”, but more like a scam. And to increase your income, you must have your team – such as simpletons, which turned out to be themselves.

To avoid such a trap, the next thing to pay attention during the interview – the manner and style of communication of the employer or manager.

• An employer who is really looking for a specialist and is ready for him to stick to their agreed conditions – schedule and working conditions, wages during the probation period and after, the period of probation, responsibilities, etc., will behave safely and build the most informative conversation for both parties.

An employer who wants to hide information from you, and that does not matter what you’re an expert, as it is just necessary to achieve the highest number of people in their network, will climb from the skin to show you his kindness. It would be nice to be smiling, joking, disrupt your living space, moving closer to you, to share sensitive information: “I already told you more than they should.” While in essence this is just a ruse designed to cause your confidence. No important information you have received. And then – you do not venture to come get the secret!

• Another mistake that employers and job seekers to which you should pay attention – this often-repeated phrase “I kid you not!”. The more often this phrase is, the more you hang noodles on the ears.

• Let’s face manager, promising high wages, poor, and to ask about his personal income indecent. But it is perfectly acceptable to choose the time and ask how long he worked there. If a manager starts to play up, avert their eyes and the crease in search of an answer or do not want to answer at all, depicting a perturbation, then there is nothing to catch.

If you have already been interviewed and have agreed to work, some companies have so-called “study days” – from three to five. This is the time your internship and it is not paid.

Those days are learning – you’re listening to lectures and notes. A workflow can be under the supervision of a mentor. During this time you can get a lot of new information, if you will observe and draw conclusions.

If you listen to the lecture, try to separate the important from the total. The flow of unnecessary information often masks the grain of truth, and if you can find them, it will help to avoid further disappointments. For example, the assertion that in order to earn “well sooo” big money, it is not necessary to have at least one of the above – higher education, knowledge, skills and talent, but rather a desire, does not bode well.

During working process you will have an impression of the conditions and timetable, the chief of sanity and relationships in the team. Ask questions and analyze responses.

Be careful, you are a successful job!


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