What Should be a Sales Letter?

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Marketing text – is the door. And if that door for the trash, hamovatye clerk or a virtual void, the buyer will quickly leave the site. Marketing text may not work by itself. He needs help.

In the face from time to time with the need to strengthen the force sells pages of the site, I noticed that more and more pay attention to non-textual tools of persuasion buyers. Unlikely to be able to fully justify all used solutions, but to put the article is a discussion of the observed phenomena, rather than the postulation of the axioms.

Different algorithms for writing texts that sold contain a different number of steps or blocks, of which it is proposed to collect a unique formula for a particular sales of goods (services). But the authors of these councils miraculously cling exclusively for the words and letters, as if stuck in the early ’90s, when the text was the only best way to fill the page. Rarely is a proposal to dilute the passages meet at least the image of the goods offered. Although 95% of the information a person receives from the “read” images, rather than a rigorous description.

In modern conditions the text – only one element of the sale. What are the ingredients should be added to the modern marketing text to lean out of stock, he became a full soup?

Start, perhaps, it is necessary to the realization that text on the Internet at all, but there is hypertext. So it is right to include in the “light” paragraphs references to the detailed description of the goods or services – “bustler” link to let pass and proceed to the contacts, but for pedantic natures presence of a binder bridge between short and full descriptions of the site would look dignified.

No matter how brief, intriguing and concise sales letter, with the number more than 140 characters (yes Twitter will burn in hell!), Many web surfers have wrinkle their noses: “Many bukaff!”. Therefore, use the “anchor» (anchor) – HTML-link allows you to quickly move from being read a paragraph to a specific location on the page (or even a specific location on another page). This “anchor” allows the client to go directly to the action without having to scroll the page down to the bottom (or vice versa, to return to the telephone number listed in the header).

Let’s go back to the pictures. Marketing page – this is not a directory, but a couple of photos (preferably their own production – the search engines value unique content) is added. Developers and distributors of programs a sin to forget screenshots and flowcharts. Especially since that means html-layout allows for a long time in the text small thumbnails that are deployed in the full-length mouse click.

For complex equipment vendors have a great design tool – infographics. She has been using Soviet magazines and newspapers capitalist. The newspaper USA Today has become a cult publication exclusively due to this type of presentation. Some people even say the death of copywriting, as usual, “clerk” does not give effect to and the fraction of how much can give an elegant graphical solution. Of course, this is only a statement far from the realities of Runet theorists, but the fact remains that the skillful combination of text and graphics allows you to simply, clearly and quickly to talk about difficult and tedious. So do not learn whether Illustrator and Photoshop, a copywriter friend? As an example of infographics venture to give a visual representation of this paper (see Fig. “Infographics: visualization of the author’s thoughts”). In the figure, incidentally, contains all the tips for optimizing the selling of text, so that more can not read.

If, nevertheless, continued reading, I note that an important aspect of the past year: Be sure to optimize text by smartphones and tablets. Do not forget to users of Opera mini. In the article “The End of Journalism, or Quo Vadis?” I wrote about how the new device “kill” the text of the classic formation, replacing it with short paragraphs and succinct titles. For commercial texts is even more important than for newspaper articles. A person willing to spend money (that’s the only way to show that they have one!). And we just want to have someone pushed to buy, give an extra argument for belief in the rightness of his own mind committed action. So eloquent roll sheet on a small screen smartphone will be an unforgivable mistake.


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