Families Now And Then

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I couldn’t help but to notice how much things have changed in last decade. It seems like it was yesterday when streets were full of children playing and laughing. They didn’t need Wii, or PC or PS to have fun. All they needed was each others. It’s ironic how much technology changed us all. You don’t see mothers playing with their daughters or fathers playing soccer with their sons. I remember whem my mom once texted me to come downstairs for lunch. We were laughing about that for years. And not until now have I realized how that’s was not funny at all. Instead of playing dolls, girls are playing some stupid games on facebook. It’s not even clear why they call it social networking when people get more and more lonley every single day. The sad part is that we all now that, and we still go in that direction. I wish I could have just one momment of playing in sand with my once 5 year old friends and not to care if I got dirty or if I have one hundred likes on my fb status. Ever since those social networks became popular, we started building fake relationships with people based on how much our statuses or photos they like. And what does those smiley faces mean? Every single time I write one happy face, in real life my lips dont even try to smile. No matter how much easier life is with computers these days, there are just so many bad thing they brought. People say that eyes are mirror of ones soul. Aren’t we missing out so much then? It is controversal that I write about all this on COMPUTER, but I feel like that would be pretty much the only way that someone might read it. I now that I am just one person in this world, and I don’t expect to change the world by writing this, but at least I hope that there is someone out there who feels the same way. I read the other day this “funny” quote in italian “Una casa pulita e’ sintomo di un computer rotto”, meaning “Clean house is a consenquence of the broken computer”. Wish we would stop making fun of this and just go back to being real families. I bet everyone would love that! I know I would!


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