Do You Need a Pbx?

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Well-established and high-quality telephone service – the key to successful and efficient operation of the small businesses and large organizations, and a large reputable company. For small firms in the state which includes a few people quite a few contact numbers.

Well, if the state is fifteen or more employees, and selected a limited number of phone numbers – from three to five? And employees are placed in separate rooms, and have separate jobs, and workflow efficiency for each of them at least occasionally need access to a telephone line to make and receive calls, to talk on the phone, send and receive faxes? Manufacturing companies offer telephone equipment to solve these problems through their years of proven technology – PBX and PBX to choose from.

Today’s miniature stand-alone PBX look like compact electronic devices, and work on the existing telephone line. Tasks PBX – providing high-quality foreign and domestic telephone services. Autonomous mini telephone exchange companies save money and provide relevant additional convenience, allowing you to combine into one integrated system phone with a computer, modem, fax, and even the auto attendant.

The presence of even a single phone line to install it on a PBX allows you to easily contact any member of any branch of the company without having to load with the main city line, and solve operational issues.

The functions of the PBX is the distribution, forwarding, call forwarding, and the interception of incoming phone calls, and in establishing a special delimiter may impose restrictions on the number of outgoing calls to the company. You can, if necessary, set the conference mode, and using the telephone to conduct the necessary meetings and talks on the phone not only with employees of his company, but also with telephone callers outside organizations tied to the other city numbers.

Payment for calls incoming and outgoing with the installed PBX or regular exchanges takes place in a special program. In memory of the computer stores all the information and the history of the negotiations.

Modern PBXs are able to connect comfortable day and night modes. All calls to the room after hours and on weekends, are not lost, but redirected auto attendant, fax or recorded on stored on the point guard. If necessary, it is possible to make a printout of incoming and outgoing calls with the exact time when there was a particular call, its duration and cost.

Through the installation of a PBX, you will not lose its customers if it is impossible to get through your phone number, a busy telephone line or your absence in the workplace. You will always remain available for communication.


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