Preparation For First Job Interview

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A Job interview session is never been easy especially if it is your first one. But, there is always solution to overcome it. The more interviews you have gone to, the more confident you can polish them and always learn from mistakes and never to repeat them.

It is always about meeting new people who is your future boss or the human resources of recruitment. This is where you will sell yourself and your skill. Therefore, in order to get the hang of it, you will need to have some self-preparation and try to do some research.


Always do a research and study the company. Do not try to memorize them but learn them naturally by heart. If you want the job, you will have to learn the company. Know what they are doing, be prepared. One of their favorite questions would be, “What do you know about our company? Do tell me about it?” Then you will have to answer them in confident. Do not try to speak as if your memorize them but say it naturally like talking to a friend who is highly interested in the company you are working for. If you are not sure of the answer, tell them honestly. Or else, they would know that you have over do it. Hence, it’s a no-no and would give a bad remark.


Always prepare a list of question before the interview session. Prepare both list as in question and answer. Another one of their favorite question would be, “tell me about yourself?” It may sound easy but often people could not further answer because it sounds too simple. Do not be fooled. Try to give a length but rational about yourself. Do not keep going and on and on. It will get the interviewers to be bored with you. Therefore, be rational during the interview.


If there is sufficient time, find a partner to practice. Or your friend or family member could do so. Practicing in front of the mirror also helps. In this way, you could see your own gesture and avoid them during the interview. Throw away your nasty habits. Have eye contact is the most important things. Sit straight and show you’re confident that you can do it. All these could boost your confidents.


Do your shopping early if you do not have a formal wear. If you have not worn your formal wear for a time being, try them out. Do not try them on the day of your interview and you found out it cannot be fit. Also, always prepare extra. You might not know what might happen on the day itself. Always make sure the outfit is neat, tidy and appropriate. First impression always give the interviewers they will overlook to either hire you or not. 


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