Facial Skin Care Tips

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Water is the most essential need for our body and especially skin. Our skin need to stay hydrated. In order to have a beautiful and healthy skin, water is important for both inside and out. Therefore, as typical saying, drink at least eight glass of water each day in order to stay hydrated. This is to ensure our skin is well-hydrated. If consuming less water, our skin will experience dry and unhealthy.

Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturize

Always try to get a good cleanse especially for those who have sensitive skins. If your feel you are unsuitable for certain cleanser. Change them immediately, do not keep using it. A proper cleanse is the key in giving an overall healthy skin. Try to wash your face twice daily. If for sensitive skin, use mild products. Avoid product which have salicylic acid or other strong ingredients if skin gotten worst or feels different.

After cleaning your skin, apply suitable moisturizer. Moisturizer is important to rejuvenate your skin. They are there to fight against the bacteria and excessive oil. Hence, preventing from having acne problems. However, try not to overuse moisturize as they can also clog pores. Used the moisturizer in moderation status. Moisturizer best to choose for day and night.


Nowadays, global warming is happening. If you do not apply sunscreen, your face could easily get wrinkles. Wrinkles cause by the sun damage, so, it is important to use sunscreen and try choosing a suitable SPF.


Never ever pop the zits. You would ended up with scars, redness or pimples if you do. Therefore, never ever disturb them. If you must pick them, get the right tools. Try getting blemish extractor from the pharmacy or drug store nearby. Also, another cause of having zit is due to make up. Always keep clean cosmetics. Try to clean them once a week. Make an effort. This is for your skin. You would want them to be in the worst condition. Besides that, only put on make up when your face is cleaned. This is in order to avoid bacteria getting into your cosmetics brushes that would hence leading you towards acne. 


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