How to Leverage Your Facebook Marketing Campaign.

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  We will explain how you can start using Facebook as your next marketing site.

   Custom Tabs: You have the ability to create custom tabs, so take advantage of them. Facebook gives you so many options for a fan page, but you need to use what you are given to make it look different than every other person’s fan page out there. Your targeted audience will want to stick around once they see where you take them on your landing page. Offering an incentive or prize of some kind will help you gain the following you need to keep succeeding. It’s not like you will have to keep the offer on forever since you can change the landing page whenever you want. Connecting with your fans is of vital importance if you want to keep them as fans for your page. The custom tabs will help you increase your “likes”, which will in turn help your marketing.

    Polls: You can gather some really pertinent information from polls on Facebook. Facebook has millions of people just waiting to give an opinion, which is a great way for you to get valuable feedback. With Facebook’s inbuilt facility called ‘Facebook Questions’, you’ll be able to run any type of polls and have them spread virally. Other than the ability to run your poll, you can also see how your target audience reacts to what you are posting. Facebook assigns value to you once people start answering your polls, which is a benefit to you. You get a higher ranking which helps your fans see you more in their news feed Now that you know this little tidbit, start taking advantage.

   Place a Link to Twitter: A convenient way for integrating your Facebook page with Twitter is to directly link to Twitter from your Facebook menu. This gives your Facebook fans the opportunity to read your tweets without closing their Facebook page. Basically, you should try and be as sociable as you can when it comes to your Facebook marketing. This is so that you will be able to use your fans to your advantage in the long run. You should make sure that you are accessible if you plan on using Facebook marketing in the future. By connecting to other social media sites like Twitter, this turns this into a easy process that should not be difficult.

   This is not something that takes a lot of thought, so start with the tips we’ve given you and see what happens.


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