HP Laptop Battery Warranty – A Compliant Amongst Customers

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If you search the online forums for discussions regarding laptop parts, one of the issues that people are getting most annoyed and irate about is the warranties being provided by Hewlett Packard. It has to be said at the outset that this doesn’t apply to just HP laptop batteries and also applies to Toshiba laptop batteries and Dell laptop batteries. All of the major OEM manufacturers class a laptop battery as a consumable item which effectively means they offer considerably shorter warranties on them than they do on the rest of the laptop. This has the potential to cause a lot of confusion and annoyance amongst consumer who just assume that the whole laptop and all parts within it carry a lengthy warranty. Typically warranties of 6 months are being extended on HP laptop batteries. This is problematic since after 6-9 months the battery life has depleted to a level below what many people expect from their laptop. This issue is especially acute for people who require a lot of mobility within their daily routines.

Laptop Power UK is the leading one-stop-shop when it comes to sourcing original OEM HP laptop batteries. Amongst their best-sellers on the website include the HP Pavilion DV6 battery, the HP Pavilion DV7 battery and the Compaq Presario CQ60 battery. One of the really great things about the Laptop Power UK promotion is that they actually offer a full 12 months warranty – which is longer than Hewlett Packard offer themselves! This gives customers that extra peace of mind that if they are going to fork out for a replacement laptop battery, they are guaranteed to get longevity from the item which sadly isn’t being provided by the original equipment manufacturers.

One of the common misconceptions regarding laptop batteries is that keeping your laptop charger in all the time in some way protects your laptop battery or prolongs its life. This is untrue. To ensure that your battery remains ‘fit and healthy’ it needs to be fully charged and discharged on a regular basis. This will happen naturally if you are constantly on the move and always using your laptop without the laptop adapter. However if you use the laptop regularly at home make sure that periodically you allow the battery to fully discharge and then recharge back up to preserve and prolong the charging cycle.

Laptop Power UK was launched by Andrew Roughley and Mark Roughley. As well as establishing itself and the leading distributor of OEM consumer electronic equipment, the Company has diversified into retail repairs, warranty management projects, reverse logistics and asset recovery


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