Kidney Stones And What Causes Them

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     It’s always helpful to identify the cause of kidney stones if you can find it, as this can often tell you what you have to do to be free of them. To make this clearer, the following are some examples of typical causes of kidney stones.

   Inactivity can be a factor in many illnesses, and it can also make it more likely that you’ll develop kidney stones. The kidneys perform the function of detoxification, but if you don’t get much exercise, they don’t work as efficiently as they should. Overweight people are also more likely to get kidney stones, and lack of exercise tends to create this condition. Exercise, then, is one way to avoid kidney stones, or to get rid of them faster if you already have them. Of course, if you have a severe case right now, you should find out from your doctor when it’s safe to start exercising and what you’re able to do. Oxalates, which are contained in many foods, can contribute to calcium stones, the most common type of kidney stones. What’s tricky about oxalates is that they’re often found in the type of foods ordinarily considered healthy, including greens and berries (though only some of these). If you’re trying to avoid oxalates, you also have to limit your intake of chocolate, organ meats, and various other foods. Your doctor may advise you to avoid these foods, at least for the time being. Reducing or avoiding oxalates is something you may want to do, especially if you’ve had recurring problems with kidney stones and are looking for a way to stop them from returning. Since quite a few foods have oxalates, if you want to avoid them, you should find a book or website that has a complete listing.

   Kidney stones are also more likely if you’re experiencing a high degree of stress. While stress may not by itself cause you to develop kidney stones, it can be one factor that contributes to it. The more stress you have, the more compromised your immune system is, and this makes you susceptible to all kinds of disorders and makes it harder to cure them. A painful condition like kidney stones can itself be a cause of stress, so you have to really focus on ways to relax, even if it’s not easy. If you can find ways to manage stress, you’ll find that you can more easily cope with health challenges such as kidney stones.

    The frustrating part about kidney stones is that doctors are not always completely positive about the cause. Yet, even with proper diet and lifestyle, a person could still develop kidney stones. We’ve looked at some of the common causes of kidney stones in this article, and if you think you may suffer from this problem you should seek medical advice.


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