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Vacation can mean oversea travelling or going for camps. Besides, vacation can last for a day or some even takes up to weeks. How to plan ahead of time? Even if you wanted to an impromptu vacation, future planning ahead is always vital. What are the things that are needed to be prepared?


If you want to travel out of country, passport is an important thing that you need to bring along in your vacation. You need to have a valid passport and visa if required. Always check ahead of time if your passport is still valid or not. Does it require renewal? Make sure to renew them before you leave the country. Upon arriving in airport or aboard on plan, remember to always fill in the emergency information page of your passport. Besides all these, always leave a photocopies of passport with your family or close friend. This is important so that if anything happen, there is a reference to refer to.

 Insurance, Medical Card

If you have life insurance, please bring along during your vacation. This is especially important if anything happen when you are in oversea. If could suddenly occur to you about your health problems or accident. We are always not aware of the medical treatment out of our country. Their charges may differ and could be expensive. Therefore, get more information on how much coverage does your insurance does for you. You might never know when it might be needed so it is important to find out early beforehand.


If you are having health problem or required to take on medication, remember to bring extra. Besides that, preexisting medical problem condition should carry a letter from certified doctors or physician. The letter should at least be describing on the medication you are consuming, generic names of the prescribed drugs. Most importantly, the medication should be filled in their own original containers. It would be best not to remove them or replace them into other containers as it is clearly labeled. This is to avoid any hassle that could be considered illegal narcotics upon entering into another country.


Always do an early booking or reservation of hotel before travel. You would not wanted to be cheated for the extra charges or spending the unnecessary. Therefore, it is important to do earlier research of the hotel that you might want to stay. Inquire also about the accessibility around. Is the hotel near to the train station, public bus transportation or the airport for convenient purposes. Be very sure of this and clearly understood them before leaving the country. Going to unfamiliar places, it is best to do some research in advance. For example, getting to know the place you are going to travel. This will makes the entire journey more exciting. 


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