Baby’s Garment

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Nowadays, most parents prefer to use disposables for they believed it is more convenient for them to use.  The huge supplies of disposable diapers in major retailers also affect the increasing number of parents who doesn’t know about washable cloth diapers. Advocates of Green movement support manufacturers to produce those washable diapers in market to reduce waste in our environment. Recently, I just discovered that there are many different styles of cloth diapers which are called pocket diapers. Forget those messy, with pins and old fashioned washable cloth that leaks easily because modernized cloth diapers were already made. You can view samples in BumGenius, FuzziBunz, and many other sites online that fit the wishes of a busy parent like you. You can also choose in various fashion designs, prints and colors of cloth that’s best for your baby.

In using washable cloth diapers around the diapering stage of your baby you’re not only advocating the green and less trash environment but also you can save more money in every usage of cloth diapers. In an average rate of 6-8 disposable diapers are used daily in the first year of your baby, you can summed up in almost 3,000 of disposables were used annually. Why you don’t choose cloth diapers which you can save as much as the same the total number of disposables that can be used in a year. The money that you can save is big enough to use in some important things in your family like future plans and not just to throw away as a trash in our environment. Reducing waste products and saving money are enough reasons for me to choose this option. But as you go further, you can find this cloth more convenient to use because modernized cloth diapers comes in all-in-one sizes because it is composed of elastic, adjustable snaps, and velcro that fits in all growing stage of your baby. 

In widely usage of disposables it was mislead most parents to use it as they consider it a life easier option. But, this modernized cloth diapers have a lot of difference of the one my mother used before. From the word modern, its features are at these present lifestyles. It is a hassle free to use and very environmentally friendly. Cloth diapers are the best for your baby for it reduces rashes and irritation which you can compare to disposables having many chemicals touches your baby that leads to rashes and diaper related problems.

By choosing washable cloth diapers you are using one of the best baby’s garments and not having those disposables which are later called a waste products or garbage of our environment. 


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