The Secret to Selling. How to Increase Sales by 1.5-2 Times

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Selling any product you are selling, along with five positions, which can be ranked in ascending importance of each component, starting with the least important:

    price (the buyer must sell the idea of ​​price to show that its magnitude is justified and reasonable, well-known argument to motivate the “soaring prices”, etc.)
    time (usually a client tries to postpone the purchase on a “thank you, I will come tomorrow, next week” – to convince him that now is the most convenient time for him);
    solution (in the negotiations and resolve the challenges of convincing the client pick up the evidence that the purchase will just be the solution to his problems);
    company (selling goods with him you are selling a company’s reputation, its brand in the market, because you are a representative of her and her face);
    you (the seller does not have to be very impersonal, it is important to: a) confident and charismatic, because if the seller did not believe in the product, you will not be able to convince the buyer, b) to sell itself to the client as a friend and adviser, to be interested in it as in person, not as in your wallet) – and this is the most important element in sales.

For sale from disaster, becoming a fugitive, systematic, it is necessary to establish technology company in sales. It is important to:

    its formalization (technology in the form of the model);
    organization, access to vendors (each provided with a printout);
    establish a regular exercise;
    technology to monitor compliance on an ongoing basis, have your instructor.

Any difficult skill to master to be divided into several simple. For example, the negotiation of sales as a complex skill can be a whole bunch of less complex and simple, such as:

    handshake – this is the easiest skill, but in fact it is also important because the handshake should be brief and vigorous;
    ability to keep a pause is required for simple skills, because this time the client gives you the right information at the same time relieves stress;
    more complex skills “listening” has the ability to “write out loud” yes synonymized replica the client;
    “Focus on the agreement” – one of the following: in the case when the customer satisfied all but the part of the price paid to put it as a fait accompli;
    ability to ask questions, and open, ie requiring detailed answers (usually salespeople ask questions 6.8 and must be 20-25, give the student a list of 60, 20, and then they just remember the machine at the right time);
    the ability to specify (if the client refuses, find details on why, what reason).

For example, it is important to learn how to answer the question about the price so that even with high amounts of the client did not feel the shock. No need to call a specific value – ozvuchte limits the minimum and maximum values. Further details should educate the buyer, which determines the increase in prices, and items with him to lay down the whole scheme as a puzzle – and then the buyer will be able to identify himself, for which items are ready to pay and how much.

Coach Sellers should be at least three times a week, not on the new material, and each time to force them to repeat the same thing. Do not try to complicate the problem in this case, if the student works quite well – if those practices lost the enthusiasm and skill acquisition is deteriorating.

The technology consists of four main parts:

    The speech pattern.
    The script (as it is to say).
    Checklist of observation (regularly assess how the script is used, what happen distortion point and correct.)
    The ideal situation (the instructor must demonstrate to sellers by example how to carry out the negotiations for the sale, or show training video clip.)

Train your sales, starting with a competent approach to the buyer before the effective negotiation at the level of psychological dialogue. While viewing the video try to try on yourself and your business the key points – a lot will be useful and really effective.


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