Nokia Lumia 800 Deals-Wp Platform Not Mature Enough?

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Nokia Lumia 800 is the first “real” Windows Phone to hit the smartphone mobile market, featuring the latest version of Microsoft’s WP operating system, a powerful snapper, trendy European design, among others, and is this the time when the smartphone rivalry will get three way? The decently-sized 3.7-inch display produces Super AMOLED resolution, & Windows Phone’s living tiles actually do seem astounding, such as showing the latest weather, a boarding pass or someone special’s image, the screen in this astounding device is as great as this operating system asks for, and the handset’s tactile, matte finishing implies that the Nokia Lumia is not similar to the bar of soap which several other handsets many times appear to be modeled on, still why they modeled your loved smartphones like this? .

Unique applications on the Lumia 800 are extremely restricted, Nokia Drive gives a respectable satellite navigation option, however so do iOS applications & so does Google Maps on every Android-running handset, also a Music application offers pre-constructed playlists, for consumers who will admire a radio alternative. In another place, obviously, other Windows Phone applications can be acquired from the chief Microsoft souk, which is expanding with each passing moment thanks to the tough endeavors of both the companies to strengthen the position of the platform, have they strengthen the operating system?

This ground-breaking device comes with no front-viewing snapper, which will be a discomfort when Microsoft will launch the Skype but it does imply that the complete-screen lay out, barely developed from the N9, and appears beautiful, if we say yes, will it hurt Lumia patrons? These handset posses a single-core 1.4GHz central processing unit present under the hood, 16 GB of integrated memory space, an 8 MP snapper on the rear, 512 MB of RAM, and the phone seems like a must-buy if we glance at the specs sheet, however should we trust the specs list?

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What this mobile do, merely, is to grant Windows Phone the flagship hardware this platform has worthy of from the moment Mango upgrade arrived, and that does not make it as forceful a product as a popular Android-running smartphone, however it places Windows Phone OS back in the game, and is it only the love of mobile critics? And it is apparent that rivals mobile phone producers Samsung, for example has outshined in designing droids, however does the Windows Phone devices have not coming with the similar styling?

Nokia Lumia 800 deals are available with all leading service providers in the United Kingdom mobile phone market, and we should consider that these mobile plans are in beta stage.

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Nokia Lumia 800 are certain to make you believe that these exciting mobile plans are the reasons that smartphones are getting so much attention, however sadly these New Nokia phones and plans are in beta stages.


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