How To Install AVG Free on Windows

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These days you can’t be too careful with PC protection, but with large companies charging a lot, it can seem out of reach. Thankfully the good folk at AVG have made a free version of their excellent Anti-virus software available. It is easy to download and install AVG free on windows and AVG will provide excellent protection for your PC.

What You’ll Need

Windows PC

Internet connection

Web browser of your choice

Step 1) First we are going to connect to the internet and open our web browser.

Step 2) Next, we are going to enter into the address bar. You can just copy and paste, or click on the link in the resources if you want to.

Step 3) Scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see three buttons. Two say Buy Now and one says Download. Click the download one.

Step 4) Fill in the form you need to fill in and wait for the download to complete.

Step 5) Open your file browser and navigate to your Downloads folder where there will be a file called something like avg-free.exe

Step 6) Double click on the executable file to start the installer. AVG Free will now step you through installation in an easy to understand Wizard. It is capable of detecting all of your settings automatically, but will need ot be told how frequently you want it so runs scans and update. This will depend on how often and when your computer is on and how often you are on the internet. For example, of you are connected and on 24/7 you can set the scan for sometime in the middle of the night. If you disconnect and switch off regularly, you can set it for start up or a regular interval when you know you will have your PC on.

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