4Chan: The Realm of Chaos

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Lets start by being fair with each other, anybody that surfs the web as if looking for the Holy Grail 8+ hours a day would agree on one thing, we all knew this was coming eventually. Regulation online is a sensible matter and I am not one to over simplify; but just look at the signs. First came Napster, it was shut down. It´s the end of P2P (peer to peer) downloads, they said, music industry is safe again, they said. It turns out only one of those was true as within a week of having closed down (what in retrospective was the first leak on a breaking damn) tens of others P2P software were available online and we were back downloading songs as if it was legal again. Yes, Napster had to pay, they lost in court, but it started something that I deem to say, is unstoppable now. But progress does not wait for regulation and before you know it is not P2P anymore, but now torrents (like eMule to give you an example) and before copyright laws were done congratulating themselves on the heroic defense of their pockets, it wasn´t songs anymore, but full discographies of artists. Then came the movies. I don´t think there are many of you out there who did not know what the SOPA law is, or was for that matter; but needless to say that with so many examples out there, it seems to be one step forward and two step backwards when it comes to boxing in the internet. There are just too many possibilities, and creating new ones every day. It´s like trying to create traffic regulations upon the invention of the wheel (that is, if the invention of the wheel, the train, the car and hybrid cars would have been invented a couple of months apart) Now onto our business of the day. This lack of regulation, and what is more, the undeniable proof that not only regulation is lacking, but rather it has been tried and overcome by the inherent power of the internet, the soul in the machine, if you would. Has led to places like 4chan, particularely the Random page within it (/b/ as they call it). This is, for lack of  better words, a beautiful, disgusting, creative, upholing, racist, degrading and demeaning chaos. And I know what you are thinking, yes, we know, the internet is full of this pages where people comment terrible things. True, but this is what makes it different here. 

1st. No regulation. With the possible (and very seldom enforced) exception of paedophilia, absolutely everything is welcomed in 4chan. I have been reading it for a few months now, and I have never ever seen a thread erased.

2nd. 4chan is made by the users alone. Now this is a big one folks, because what normally would happen is that a moderator would post a topic and everybody would comment upon it. But it`s a new dawn in 4chan, as it appears, and everybody can start a thread with no previous regulation by the administrator.

3rd Everyone´s nobody. In 4chan, except for those who have registered and pay a fee (which have no apparent advantage over the rest) everyone is named Anonymous. Now, I dont have to tell you what comes out the oven if you add hormonal adolescents (and not so much), people from every nationality possible, the ability to start topics unregulated and the certainty that your identity is preserved. I will give you a clue. Last thread stated that whoever post ended in the numer 69 (because every post has a number) would choose which youtube video would be bombarded with accusations of child molestation by the users of 4chan.

4th Thumbnail pictures. 4chan is one of the leading creators of what are normally referred to as MEMES. MEMES are quite simply pictures which have text printed upon it. Now this may not sound as much, but go ahead and google “meme” and you will see what the fuzz is all about.

5th Tempus Fugit. 4chan only features any thread for a limited number of hours (4 as it happens) and after that you will get a very creative sign which will say “404: not found” to your dissapointment

The word random is not one used lightly in 4Chan, one thread (topic board) will be about rating a womans breast while the following one will be about pixies and the next one a discussion about hockey, tatoos and what have you. All condensed in the same board which gets renewed all the time.

I dont have to tell you that this is a terrible place to go if you have an impressionable mind. I admit I have sugarcoded the language used (or not even mentioned it) but if you are looking for clean language or want an educational webpage to show your children, you might want to cross this one of the list. Now if you, as me, enjoy a little bit of crazy with your coffee, go ahead and take a look, you might even get hooked on it, as I most certainly am. 


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