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                                     I was in the army national guard’s for about  11 years and 7 months at this time and that we was to have our second child together. Well, my wife had a dr.’s app. on a friday afternoon and that she had pick me up from the place where i had worked. Because i wanted to go and she did to well anyway, so we had went to the dr.’s app. then he had said that we can go out to eat but she had to go to the hspital because she had too much protein in her urine and that it can be very bad for the mother and the baby also. Well, anyway it had seemed like that she was in labor for hours if you all know what i am comming from. My wife was in labor for our daughter from about 6:30pm to a little after midnight and that she was born well anyway i had stayed at the hospital until about 3:00am- 3:30am and that we had lived out of town at this time. S i had gotten home about 4:30am – 5:00am and that i had started to clean the house up, and that my wife’s grandma had called me about 6:30am and that we had talked for awhile and that after i had hug up with her my motor seargant had called me for some more great news and that was. We was bieng place on active duty, he did not tell me where to because that he did not know himsef. I’ll tell you one thing that was putting a damper on my day, because that i knew that i had to tell my wife that i was going over seas but did not know where to at that time, and we was so happy for our daughter being born, and that i was happy but sad at the same time because i knew that i was going to be gone for at least 1 year and that i was going to miss alot during that time. Well, some time later that day i had came back to the hospital and visit my wife and newborn, at the hospital and knew what i had needed to say to her and i was very much scared to tell her that.

                          I don’t know how many hours i had spend at the hospital and that in the process they had told me that, during one of the feeding hours of my daughter she had stopped breathing but they was able to save her, which i was very happy about that, but that they had to keep her there for another day because that she had done that and they wanted to make sure that she was doing okay, before they could send her home.  I knew that i had to tell my wife about it but the hospital was not the right place to tell her as i had thought, so i had waited until after i had brought them both home and after the small party, while some family members was still there, i will be honest i did break down and cry right along with my wife but she had thank me for not telling her while she was in the hospital because it was the last place to say something like that. Well, needless to say i had gotten to spend two weeks with my daughter and off i had went yeah i gotten to come home for thaksgiving and went right back, and for christmas day too, and went right back for more training. Then, we had left shortly after the first of the year to go over to kuwait first and then into iraq there i had spend easter, memorial weekend along our anniversy, mother’s day, father’s day, july 4th, and labor’s day so i know how the men and women that is in service which now is over there servicing our great country to help those other country’s that need our help. I am going to write some more in the up comming day’s.


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