Dealing With Toddler’s Frustration With Toys And Other Children

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Toddlers are too small to actually think before reacting to any particular situation. You will always notice that your 2 year old is deeply influenced by what other kids his age are up to. Many of the children take advantage of the opportunity given to them and make lasting friendships.

However it doesn’t really matter how close a toddler friendship may be fights are bound to happen between them because toddlers are too young to understand their friend’s feelings. If both the toddlers like the same doll then it is quite obvious that the dominant kid will get it. The other kid will throw a huge tantrum and as a result the parents will punish both.

It should not be left up to the toddlers to sort out matters themselves. They are too immature to deal with situations like these. Practice proves to be really helpful while developing social skills. Adults need to maintain peace by explaining situations to little kids.

What if your toddler gets easily frustrated with kids belonging his age group?

– Most of the toddlers about two years in age love playing with other kids their age. Social situations matching the physical as well as mental capabilities of your toddler have to be created and your toddler should be exposed to them. – If your toddler is playing and enjoying with another kid then the child who is a bit more aggressive should be taught how to be polite with people and also teach him to share his stuff with other kids.

– You may be able to communicate and teach your kids better if you play with the kids including you own toddler.

– Try and provide each child with a separate set of bright colours when they are having a fun time while drawing or colouring so as to prevent disputes.

– You will be amazed to see your toddler threatening one of her friends to stop the play if the friend does not agree to her conditions. Children can easily manipulate even when they are so young.

– If older children at your place are not interested in including your kid in their games you can at least convince the elder kids to play when your toddler is having a nap. You can also take your toddler out to enjoy with other neighbourhood children. It is also quite common to see your toddler getting frustrated if her toys do not work the way she wants them to behave.

This may be because of the simple fact that your kid is not strong enough and is not able to properly co-ordinate with her stuff.

However you will observe that whatever battles your kids have with their toys can prove to be educational despite being quite frustrating as well as irritating for your child. You can take for example imagine your toddler trying her level best to get the rectangular blocks of her toy inserted into ‘shape sorter’ which has round holes. Even though this will cause a lot of frustration for your kid but besides this she will also learn an important fact that round holes cannot accommodate square pegs.

Ways to deal with your toddler’s frustration with toys

– Toys that are ideally suited to your toddler’s age should be bought. It will always prove to be helpful if your kid discovers the functions of a toy herself rather than you guiding her. Children also do not appreciate their parents guiding them each and every small thing.

– A little frustration does prove as a stepping stone for your child but if her frustration levels exceed beyond a certain limit due to total failure then it is just a matter of time before your kid gives up. As the frustration level of your toddler increases her efficiency starts to decline.

– Always let your toddler participate in whatever game you are playing. Your kid may get irritated if you do not allow her to take part in games like stacking of building blocks. She may feel incompetent as a result and lose her confidence.

– Toys that get entangled a lot need to be pulled along in a pulling thread so as to shorten them. Your toddler can then easily manage these toys.

– You should read up the emotional, physical as well as mental development of our toddler on a regular basis.

Thus some of the tips are given above which may prove to be quite helpful to parents in dealing with their kid’s frustration with either other toddlers or toys. Children are very sensitive and therefore have to be dealt with in a loving and calm manner.


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