Best Tips on How to Easy Train a Dog Revealed

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If you have recently bought a puppy or had a dog for quite some time, then you must be thinking how to get the most out of my dog. Well you are in the right direction, because every dog owner should have a good relationship with his dog and to gain that relationship a proper training is necessary. A trained dog knows what position it holds in a family and reacts according to that, thus giving minimal trouble with its dog behaviors. Dogs live in breeds when they are without a human company and so are habituated to a dog leader. So, if you can make him think you as his leader, you and he will be happy everytime. That is the real deal in training a dog. Well the relationship of a dog and the owner is of a friend and a leader-slave kind of thing. Both the relationships exist but to benefit each other. You will get exact response from your dog if you go according to the guidelines of best dog training tips. And if you are thinking of how to easily train a dog, you have come up to the right place. Let us read on the best and easy tips to training dogs.

Here are some types of easy dog training:

Basic home training: If you have a personal dog in your home, this is for you. You will be teaching him basic home training manners and easy methods like sit, stand, pause, run, recall and down. So let us get in to the details.

  • Sit: The easy dog training starts with sit, stand, fetch type of basic calls. And the easiest of them all is the sit command. Have some dog food or snacks in your hands. Get that just above your dogs nose so that it can smell it and stretch itself to get it. As he does so, his rear portion will touch the ground and as soon as he does that say sit with a firm tone. And then give your dog the snacks and pet him below his ears or head. Do this several times a day and in a month it will recognize your command easily.

  • Down: This is also an easy method to implement on your dog. Take some dog snacks in your hand and hold it upright above your dog’s reach. He will watch your hand as it moves. Now simply move your hand down slowly and put the snack on the ground and your dog will also follow you in the course of action allowing its belly to touch the ground. Firmly call for the down command whenever he does that and let him have the snack and pet him as before. Regular activity for some weeks will do the job.

  • Pause: Stand in front of your dog, which lets itself adjust in a firm position. Make him stay for some time like that and whenever he tries to move away say NO firmly so that it understands and stays at that position. Try for some more time and when he successfully achieves that, pet him with a dog snack or chunk of meat.

  • Fetch: You might have seenpeople making their dog fetchthings they throw.You can also do the same with your dog. Take a stick or soft ball in your hand and some snacks on the other. Throw the ball some distance away with the fetch command pointing towards your dog. It will hesitate but doing this several times will make it understand your objective. Let it fetch the ball and come back, and as a reward give the snack to your dog and pat as usual.

Now besides these simple training techniques, some real deals are there which needs more practice and rigorous mental exposure of your dog. . If you have bought a dog which is unsocialized or aggressive, you will have to have quite difficult time with it and the major concern will be how to make it aware with the dog training techniques. Let me tell you will need more effort than others for this type of dogs. Here are some tips on training and controlling aggressive behavior of your dog.

  • Whenever a dog gets out and starts barking to strangers, get them in and then ignore them. Do not show any response till your dog stops barking. After that pat it and get some snacks for him. Doing these everyday makes it feel that barking does not do the trick, and it changes itself accordingly.

  • Some dogs are very much aggressive about their food and do not tolerate their owner to disbalance their eating schedule. You can change its behavior by giving it food at the same place and same time everyday. That will make it cooler and pat it whenever it does calm down.

  • When you take your dog for a walk down the street, you will find that they go aggressive to children and other dogs. In this type of situation hold the dog firmly and do not let it go. Stay firm with your position and command over firmly to it. Make it clear who is the boss and take the dog in a normal way wherever you are going. When it calms down or takes your words in, pat it and give a snack.

  • Some dogs are very much chewy in nature, and start chewing anything that is chewable in the house. If that is to be corrected, give it a rubber toy ball to chew and say No firmly on whatever it wants to chew other than that. Whenever you go office, tie it or make the house dogproof.

At times you will see that dogs have an excitement behavior of jumping up on the owner or urinating here and there. These things can be avoided by some easy dog training techniques.

  • Make sure whenever the dog intents to jump up on you, show negligence to it. It will make it feel that you are not concerned about him or not interested in his act of showing excitement. Do this for some days repeatedly and pat it whenever it stops coming to you for a jump up.

  • An abnormal behavior of dogs has been to urinate when you come back from work to house, or urinate at wrong places. To correct this problem, the best dog training tip is to avoid them at that instant or just make a calm toned voice call. Also, firmly say NO whenever it tries to pee in the house and point towards the right direction. Doing this everytime with a pat or snack after that will make its habit come to the right track.

Trying to get to know how to easily train a dog to walk with you for an evening or morning stroll? It is very easy. Just take some snacks with you and show it making it to follow you. Hold its rope whenever you are going out the first time, it is very important. Whistle it or call its name everytime it focuses attention towards other objects. Make this a regular activity more or less the same time of the day. Once it gets habituated it will want to get out with you everyday the same time of the day. Success, isn’t it?

There are certain dog breeds which are easier to train than others. Here is a list of the top 10 easy to train dog breeds according to priority:

  1. Australian Cattle Dog

  2. Doberman Pinscher

  3. German Shepherd Dog

  4. Golden Retriever

  5. Labrador Retriever

  6. Miniature Poodle

  7. Papillon

  8. Rottweiler

  9. Shetland Sheepdog

  10. Standard Poodle

It is very much important to know your dog and make a close relationship with it as a friend and as a master. It is not a one day activity to train a dog. It needs immense hardwork with regular activity to train a dog, despite of the fact how smart it is. The best dog training tips require effort and its skilled implementation. So, everytime you plan to train a dog, know it better and present yourself as a friend and a boss to make the training a success.


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