Carl’s Jr Restaurant Review

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The Best Fast Food Chain in the World!

The Service

Their service goes beyond simple fast food joint bordering on restaurant. They bring you your food, take out your garbage, and I have even had them open the door for me. That’s right, the lady dropped her mop and ran over to the door and opened it for me then ran back to mop. Some locations are better than others but that goes with any place.

The Food

Carl’s Jr. has one of the biggest and most diverse menus out there. If it’s a Carl’s Jr/ Green Burrito then your dining options have gotten a whole lot harder to choose from. The hamburgers are large and full of taste and with the Six Dollar Burgers they get even larger and more flavorful. To match the generous food portions the cup sizes are huge and quite a value. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich is by far the best value menu item you can get from anywhere. It’s large, full of flavor, and has a nice little bite to it. At Carl’s Jr. you can seriously eat for only $1 without feeling as if you’re still starving. The Green Burrito menu offers absolute restaurant quality food with delicious side dishes for the meals. When in doubt or when hanging with a crowd that wants different things why not go to the place that offers restaurant quality hamburgers and a great variety of restaurant quality Mexican food all on one menu, and where the food will be hot and ready in half the time of a restaurant for half the price.

When I’m broke I can justify going out and grabbing a Spicy Chicken Sandwich because there are few things you can prepare at home that will cost much less and even less that are as satisfying.

I recently tried the Guacamole Six Dollar Burger. I didn’t expect it to be good but I was curious to see why the heck they would sell something that was such an obvious disaster. From the first bite I was blown away by how good it was, very messy, but outrageously good. Right now it stands as my favorite hamburger.

After such success I figured Carl’s Jr. could do no wrong so I went after the new Kentucky Bourbon Burger. While it had its own unique charm I wasn’t blown away. The hamburger was a little sweet for a hamburger but it did go well with my soda. Overall I was able to finish the monster in.


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