Homemade beauty recipes for gorgeous skin

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Do you suffer from dry, flaky skin? Or, wrinkles? Is your skin dull and lifeless?

Now your skin can be baby soft again! And, the solution could be as close as your kitchen.

This heavenly collection of spa quality beauty recipes contains all natural ingredients like milk and fruit and is  designed to pamper your skin and help you look instantly younger. 

Milk based products like yogurt and buttermilk contain the same alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHA) as more expensive wrinkle fighting creams which makes it perfect for homemade beauty treatments.  

The alpha-hydroxyl acids softens lines; refine pores and reduces the signs of early aging. And, fruits contain all natural anti-oxidents to help plump your skin and fight free radicals which cause aging and skin damage.

Why buy the expensive beauty products, when you can make your own for just pennies?

Try out these homemade beauty recipes for gorgeous skin you’ll love showing off!

Peaches and cream Skin Polishing Mask

½ cup pureed peaches

1 tsp. olive oil

1 cup of plain organic yogurt or buttermilk

Blend thoroughly. The result may be soupy texture, so apply with care.

Apply to face, neck, décolletage or body.

Rinse skin after five minutes.

Follow up with your favorite moisturizer.

Skin Renewal Body Scrub

½ cup pureed strawberries

½ cup granulated white sugar

1 cup plain organic yogurt

1 TBSP Grape seed Oil

Blend ingredients gently and thoroughly. Apply to wet skin. Massage gently over face, neck, décolletage and body. Wipe off skin. Rinse skin thoroughly.

Anti-Wrinkle Face and Body Scrub

1 cup granulated (white) sugar (gentle exfoliation)

1 ½ cups plain yogurt or buttermilk (contains AHA to reduce appearance of wrinkles)

2 TBSP Grape seed Oil (nourishes dry skin, fights wrinkles)

5 drops tea tree oil (anti-bacterial)

Combine all ingredients, stirring gently until thoroughly blended.

Apply to wet skin, face, décolletage, knees, and elbows and anywhere you are noticing first signs of aging. Massage gently for one to three minutes.

Rinse skin thoroughly.


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