Facebook Traffic Is Worthless

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Sponsored ads are the best way to promote products and services online if one does not have a popular website. The method is also great when one is introducing a new website because generating enough generic traffic is not an easy task. Although PPC advertising is mostly associated with Google due to the popularity of their ad words program, Google if not the only provider offering this in the market.

Facebook is one of the other major contenders and considering the popularity of the site and the advanced targeting options they offer advertisers, many people find it worth giving it a shot. However, once you start using it, you will notice something that is not very exciting as the program or the social network itself. Although the number of visits to you site will skyrocket within a few minutes of the ads going live, that traffic might not be very useful.

From personal experience, I have noted from site stats that ever since I started using the program, 70% of my site visitors spend less than 30 seconds on my site. Since most of the traffic comes from Facebook, it is clear that most people just click on ads but when redirected to the new page, they do not take time to find out what the site is all about. Therefore, apart from trying to target the right audience, there should be a deliberate effort on the destination page to entice people to stay on the site if one is using Facebook ads.

From the stats again, most the page that receives most hits is the landing page of the ad. This shows that most users will not care about the rest of the site if what brought them to the site is available on the landing page or not. For instance, if you freebies on your site, a huge percentage of the people will not make any effort to search for the freebies if they are not there on the landing page. If they find these on the landing page, most will not check for other exciting offers in the rest of the site.

Another user noted that out of 400 visits made to his site by Facebook users, only ten actually tried to sign up for a free training program he was offering. So, if people are gone in less than 30 seconds once they land on your site, what is the likelihood that they will ever return? Remember, its repeat visits that could mean business for you.

So why is the Facebook traffic so “worthless”?


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