Some Reasons Why Facebook Traffic Is Worthless To Sellers

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As stated in earlier articles, traffic generated through Facebook ads can turn out to be just hot air to the seller; very many visits to your site, but very few people showing real interest in what you are offering leave alone buying. So, unless one only wants to generate exposure for a new product, service or website to the masses, the investment will likely go down the drain.

Some of the reasons that have been given for the poor conversion rates include most Facebook users being interested in fun activities. That is, networking, games, apps and other fun related stuff. Therefore, if what you site is offering is not related to this, then you are not, likely to get great results. Other areas that are likely to get good results from Facebook advertisement campaigns include news, especially those related to entertainment, and technology related sites. So before you decide to use their program, make sure the main area covered by the site is likely to be attractive to Facebook users.

Another reason for the poor conversion is the disparities in design between Facebook and other sites. With a most sites having a different navigation approach, most users tend to get lost once they land on your site. So, unless you have a design that closely resembles Facebook’s or you have made a deliberate effort to make navigation on your site very easy, you will continue to suffer poor conversion rates from the traffic generated.

Poor targeting will also lead to poor conversion rates. When creating the ad, you can be tempted to add countries and groups of people haphazardly because the figures you are likely to reach rise magically. However, this can be a recipe for disaster. Remember, the more people you target, the more clicks your ad will get. If those you reach are not really interested in what you are offering, your conversion rates will be very low.

Knowing all these details and taking the right steps to deal with the problem will help you avoid having an inflated advertising bill with zero conversions. Remember, the main key lies in targeting which is an easy and free step to take unless you decide to higher a targeting expert. You might also do some work to change the design of your website to allow easier navigation. Directing the ads to your Facebook page might also help instead of choosing an external URL. This will allow those who only know how use Facebook to have an easier time. Make sure this page has enough information about your product or service and links to the external site.

If the program does not work for you with all this information, then maybe its time to choose a different PPC program.  


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