Facebook Traffic Is Very Easy To Get But Is It Worthy?

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Facebook being one of the most popular sites in the world enjoys thousands, if not millions, of visits everyday. You can direct a share of these visits to your website, if you haven’t done so already, through Facebook advertising. This allows you to do more than just socialize on this wonderful social network. Creating a Facebook ad is very simple; you only need to have an account with Facebook which you will use to create and manage your advertisements.

The actual process of creating the ad is also very easy. On the ads page, you will be prompted to specify a URL for the adverts’ landing page. Once you provide the URL, the system searches the destination page and suggests an ad depending on the page contents. It also searches for photos available on the page allowing you to choose one for your advert. Remember, it is not mandatory to use the system generated message or photo. You can modify the suggested message or create a new one and even upload a different photo to use for the ad.

Facebook is also flexible when it comes to funding your advertisement. You can use major credit cards under the Visa, MasterCard, American Express among others as your funding source or use just PayPal. Remember, you cannot use PayPal to fund your Google ads a factor which can be very inconveniencing at times.

Once you create the ad, it must be reviewed before it goes live. From their terms of service page, this is supposed to take up to twelve hours but in practice it takes a lesser duration. In around two to six hours, and your ad should go live.

The best thing with Facebook advertising is the possibility of targeting a certain group of people. For instance, when creating the ad, you must specify the country you are targeting. You can therefore select one country or as many countries as possible depending on what you are advertising. You also need to specify the age of your target audience. You can therefore select a wide age-bracket or specify a certain age. This not only helps you reach the appropriate people, but also lock out those who might not be fit to use your product or service.

In addition to age and place of residence, there are many other metrics you can use to ensure you reach your target audience. These include their interests, line of work, and level of education among others. These metrics make it easier for you to reduce the number of people your ad reaches and ensure that only those who might find it useful will click it.

Even with all these features, you will notice that conversion from Facebook ads is very poor unless what you are promoting is very popular or related to entertainment. Remember, most Facebook users are mostly entertainment oriented because the site is meant for social networking. Therefore, they might not give anything else a chance unless they really need it.

So how “worthless” is Facebook ad traffic?


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