How to Handle Panic Attacks

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    Your doctor has already explained that they don’t really fully understand the nature or causes of panic attacks, either. The possibilities, luckily, are endless for what could be causing your attacks. Panic attack symptoms come in a wide range as well as being highly variable. Your attacks are hopefully being managed with the help of your doctor. For people with this condition, managing your daily routine so that the panic attacks can be minimized is the best the person can do for the moment.Often panic attacks will only occur once. But repeat occurrences need to be closely analyzed to determine if there are commonalities. There may be something in a person’s environment that is triggering it. Phobias are an example of something that a panic attack could simply be a symptom of. Often, someone may be experiencing fear but the symptoms appear to be a panic attack. However, do realize that not all phobias will cause a panic attack. The fear itself and the severity of is often a direct correlation to the occurrence of a panic attack.

  Many find that they experience these attacks as a symptom of a different condition. Medications or drugs can actually be the cause of these conditions or events. Amphetamine and cocaine overdoses have been known to cause panic attacks, for example. A rare few have found that certain prescribed medication was actually the cause of their panic attacks. In this case, the drug itself will list panic attacks as a known side-effect. So be sure to ask your doctor about side-effects of any medication they prescribe. This should be a topic that comes up for any new prescription. You may find that panic attacks are a side-effect of medication you are already taking, so be sure to ask your doctor.

   Panic attacks can also be caused by prescription medications. The symptoms of this can be wide and varied. If you have a tendency for panic attacks you should discuss it with your doctor before taking any prescription medication. Mazindol, Prolintane, Catovit, and Sanorex are some of the common medications known to trigger attacks. Of course it’s important to understand that many drugs have panic attack symptoms listed as common side effects.

   Understandably, those that suffer from panic attacks wish to know what cause them. However, we have found that the more information you have can in fact be helpful. It is important to document the conditions when each attack happens. Slowly a pattern will evolve showing something that each attack has in common.

  You will be better able to manage them, the more you know about them.


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