Difference Between Infatuation & Love

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Both love and infatuation seems to be same, but they have some differences. Mostly  people will get infatuations easily in their teen ages and thought it is the real love. But it is very rare to get real love in our teen age, since we don’t have more maturity in the teen age and get crushes and infatuations easily with the opposite gender persons at this stage.

Real and sincere love never lets you to forget about the person whoever you loves, i.e you will always think about the person and don’t have the ability to forget about his/her thought even a single second. If you are suffered with real and sincere love, you don’t get a proper sleep and get frequent confusions due to the thinking of your beloved persons. You are ready to do anything and every thing to impress your beloved person and try your maximum to win over his/her heart.

Mostly infatuations requires the physical touch and you are interested in hugs and kisses with your beloved person if you are in crush, but sincere love don’t requires this kind of physical activities. It requires the mental activities and always remember and recall about the events which you spent with your beloved person. If you are in crush or infatuation, you don’t think about your loved ones forever, you will get their thoughts every now and then.

Real love can change you a lot. After getting true love, you will change yourself based on the needs and necessities of your beloved person You started to like the things whichever s/he likes and starts to listen the slow songs. Always get happiness while thinking about your beloved person and you feel shy whenever s/he is around. You don’t have the ability to propose the real love directly and propose it indirectly and search for words to propose and express your real thoughts to your beloved person. If you are in crush, you don’t get this kind of shyness and you can express your feelings and emotions easily without hesitation.

It is really hard to forget about your beloved one even after the break up, if your love is sincere. You never forget about your lover till your life end, it is the uniqueness of the sincere love and you don’t have the ability to tolerate their pains and vain. You can easily forget about your ex and move with the new person if you are in infatuation. In short infatuation is just the physical requirement and temporary one, whereas real love gives importance to the inner heart and soul.


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