Tricks Finding Dream Jobs

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Many people say, good job is a job that allows you to do your hobbies or interests. If to get a job you love it you should be in and out of various companies, why not? But of course, to find a job that you like also need a strategy. The things what really makes you happy with the job? How do I get it? What factors are actually not so important?

If you judgment based solely on salary, position and responsibilities, think again. First follow the steps below to ensure that your next job is the right of your dreams:

1. Immediately decided to change jobs
Arguably, very few people who regret having to leave his old job in a company because he felt his new job even worse. Most people who resigned from his job someday regret all the time why not resign. We are often persist in the company, although the atmosphere is more comfortable (and energy squeezed-out) in the hope things will get better. Think back to this. If it’s time to change jobs, make a decision immediately, and start looking for other jobs that fit your expectations. The longer you stay in a boring job, the more it will drain your energy and confidence you need to find a new one.

2. Give it time to look for
You will not know the work and office situations such as what would be suitable for you. Perhaps the first job you’re applying, possibly also of the 5th, 6th, and so on. To be sure, give yourself time for you to search actively. Do not let you specify a time limit that makes you push yourself to take the job so you do not like. Also, do not inedible insistence of friends who encourage you to get out.

3. Focus on what you like on the job, not the one you hate
Many people quit a job to avoid conflicts in the office. But when it decided to accept a new job, you can not just hold on to the things you want to avoid (which happened in the old office). Because, surely there are so many things you might want to avoid. Meanwhile, if you are too hard trying to avoid all the bad things, you still could not be happier. To feel happy at work, you need to focus on good things. Thankful that you get the job you aspire to in the past, though-for example-you have to travel a distance of 30 km from home to reach the office.

4. Forget the old salary
Most people would be expecting a higher salary, which makes them satisfied. However, this kind of thinking must be corrected. A study made by two professors from Princeton University, the economist Alan B Krueger and psychologist Daniel Kahneman, stating that the high salaries that are often associated with good mood is actually just a fantasy. People with incomes above the average in general were satisfied with their lives, but less happy than other people, in everyday life. They tend to be more tense, and so can not follow a fun activity. A better income is certainly important, but if you received a raise of 25 percent, but feel stressed and frustrated all the time, it’s no good does not it?

5. Ignore the other things that are not relevant
Some people accept a new job because of the position offered, special facilities (car and driver), name of company, status, or the pressure of the environment. You think, “If I took this job, my husband would be proud.” Believe me, none of these factors that will make you happy.

6. Ask for what you want
It would be easier to get what you want if you request it. Do not believe it? In a job interview, tell the interviewer that are comfortable and happy in the workplace is very important to you. Then tell them what you can make love work. Of course, by asking for these things does not mean you can get the job in question. But that’s the point. If the job is not going to make you comfortable at work, you would not want it.

7. Make the job fun
You are the one who will make the job fun. You can sit at your desk, waiting for the co-worker or manager to make you happy. Or, you decide what makes you happy at work, told colleagues the other about it, and make it happen. For example, the work is fun when you are freed to channel your ideas. But, do not wait until the boss gives you a demanding task to convey the idea. Give your ideas whenever you can.

8. Free yourself to step down in time
Very painful if you do not get rid of the job that you dislike. Therefore, knowing that there is no necessity to survive in this company will actually make you like your job. Therefore, there is no pressure in doing so.


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