Ten Ways to Make a Good Picture

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1. Personal photographs.
Only you know how you view the world.
All people see the world differently. Your perspective is unique. Your brother will not catch you like a family reunion you will. He will focus on the kids, while you want how many generations in your family. Your best friend with his fancy camera does not sweep the landscape. You were with him in the bud. While he busied himself with his tripod, you are fascinated by the lure of children with their mothers. He never even think to look. Only you can capture the world you live in. Leaving it to others will mean you lose your vision.

2. Photographs provide a historical record.
Perhaps all Little League game you go look boring after a while, but 20 years from now, your kids will love looking at pictures, remembering their moments of glory (and they’ll remember a few), the children in their team , and coaches who continue to believe in them. The same goes for other things in your life. Taking photos of your home will remind you of what you’ve appreciated, and what your tastes are. Cars change, forests give way to roads, property is divided, the old house torn down. Have a picture how it will now give you a note when something is “not what they used to be.”

3. Taking pictures is going to kick your brain into a creative mode.
Simply by looking through the camera and decide which parts of the scene in front of you included in the picture is going to kick your creative side into action. The more you shoot, the more creativity you will come out. This is a beautiful part of you. Let the play.

4. Photography is great therapy.
It is close to number 3, but goes beyond creativity. Photography can help you see the world differently. If you are angry, grab your camera and go out looking for beauty. You’ll find it. If you go down, spending hours shooting photos – anything – your home, your yard, your city, flowers, animals. Life through the lens of a camera full of wonders. Focusing on how the world around you looks can also help break through your negative thoughts.

5. Photography is a great way to make new friends.
Photographers – amateurs, enthusiasts, and pro alike – love to talk about photography. You’ll never lack for company if you join a photography club. You will also learn more about photography by someone who takes good photos than you ever will learn in a book.

6. Photography is a way to share life with others.
Sometimes it is hard to talk with family members. Just because your family does not mean you have shares much in common. Share your photos with them is a good way to break through barriers, to show someone what’s important in your life. You can also share photos of trips with groups interested in the area you are visiting. The photos you took eroded land around the river will probably only need to get grants to environmental groups to save the area. The possibilities are endless.

7. Photography is a gift you can give to others.
Cards with your photos on them make great gifts, and family photo calendar is a perfect gift for parents who have everything they might want or need. Get cards and calendars made has never been easier, you can even have it done online. You can also use your photos on mouse pads, shirts, mugs, and even stamps. What could be more personal?

8. Photography will improve your web site and / or blog.
Your own words are not likely to get people on your web site for a long time, so you need to insert graphics. You can always use other people’s work, but your own will be easier, more personal, and says a lot about you. Do not overlook the power of a good photograph. It can take your website to a new level.

9. Photography brings the award.
Your image might not make you famous, but it is known as someone who takes good pictures is a real self-esteem builder. How nice to hear, “Wow! That’s wonderful! Can I get a copy of the” simple fact “? You take such good photos. How do you do?” Making the effort worth while. A good compliment. We all can not get enough of it.

10. Photography can bring in money.
Yep, that’s true. Take a good photograph, and chances are you can pick up some extra cash. Does it take your neighbor’s kid pictures from high school, winning a little cash in the photo contest, or sell your card on the website, photography can bring in extra money. Maybe someone back into your neighbor’s fence and they need a photo to the court. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a good job so you will be published in a newspaper or magazine a few days. You can start small. Many magazines, especially women’s magazines, pay $ 25-50 for kids funny pictures. There are many possibilities.

The more you learn about photography, the better your photos will be. The better they are, the beliefs you have – not only in your photo, but in ourselves. Do not waste another minute – Get the camera and started to shoot and produce a masterpiece that satisfy us. good luck!


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