The Importance Of Our Dear Friends

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You know that we cannot do without our, best friend. That special someone who we tell our most deep dark secrets. There is a special bond, and a sisterhood, that we have with our women friends. Our girlfriends know us better than anyone. Our girlfriends help us cope with life’s up and downs.

Girlfriends know when we are really hurting, even if we say we are ok. you probably do the same for them too. You know, when you have had that bad relationship , your girl was there. You may have several best friends. There, is that special one, that you feel comfortable with. This special friend has all the solutions you think. Most times, they do.

So remember, to treat, this special person, who treats you with respect the same way. Keep your friendship current . What I mean is to, don’t rehash old stuff, be honest, be compassionate, don’t’ be judgmental. Give good advice when needed. Listen with an open ear. We draw our strength from our mother,aunts,grandmothers, any woman who is so full of wisdom and know what is to be a good god fearing woman. Let’s have laughter and enjoy each other’s company. Times are a little hard now that’s why we have god and our best friends. man are the same too. They have that special buddy that they either grew up with. They need them as well. They share the their thoughts and ideas like we do. They also confide their inner most secrets as well . We all need our friends . As long thay are good friends.


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