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Welcome home, you had your baby, and now things seem to be sort of strange. You are enjoying your baby, but you are feeling so sad. You don’t even know what is wrong with you? You could be overwhelmed, you cry alot. Nothing seems right . You may not want to bond with your baby, or even talk to anyone. What could be so wrong ? Well most, not all women get the baby blues. Your probably saying, What is that? , what does that mean? Well, most women, say that they don’t understand what is happening to their bodies. If you feel that there is no hope , think again!There is help that you can do yourself ! Take time out for yourself. Get some fresh air. Go to a movie when feeling up to it. Ask a family member to watch the baby while you go and pamper yourself. Eat your favorite foods, cuddle up with your partner. Most of all when all done pampering yourself, enjoy your baby .Finally, let someone else do the cooking, and the cleaning of course! Get as much rest as needed you will feel much better. You will be able to handle your situtation , you can advise other moms, who is probably, going through the same thing your going through. that’s why it’s good to have our older family members and friends at this time. So don’t push away the help . things will get better, you will see.  Times are hard, but as time pass you will start to feel better. Good luck mom!


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