Slow Down On The Fast Food

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Step 1

When eating out we should consider our health. Most fast foods are not bad , but they are not that good of a choice either. If your a weight conscience person you want to eat healthy, not give into your craving. You may want to watch out for fatty & greasy foods. the foods that are good for you are the one’s that have high fiber & with less fat.

Step 2

Try drinking water before you order your meals. This will help you feel full and eat less. You can take the other portion home and eat later. Try a salad with your meals also. This is a great way to cut down on greasy & fatty foods. Try adding avocados to your salad as well as nuts, they can compliment any salad. Watch those salad dressings that contain to much sodium and fat Oh yeah they taste good but ah , your looking to avoid fat in your salad. so add those nuts and craisins to your salads and you will see how good a salad taste.

Step 3

So when eating out, you have to make wise choices. You will feel better that you know how to order you favorite foods. You can also suggest a friend on how to stay away from fast foods . They will appreciate it that you did. I just know that, if you have to eat out, you will pick foods that are good for you. You have made the right healthy choices for you and your family. Good eating and remember that you are what you eat !


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