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Network speed is very important to us to access internet without interruption. Most of us are interested in working with a high speed internet. Surely slow speed internet will give lot of irritation to us. The speed of the service provider is based on the cost. Various denomination are available with different kind of service providers and we can select our speed based on our wish. 

I am from India and using Reliance Net connect+ data card for my internet access. It gives a good speed to me with 3.1 MBPS. I know higher speed are available with various providers, i think 3.1 MBPS is quite normal to us. Previously i used mobile internet and very much suffered with slow internet. 

At that time i connected my cell phone with my system or laptop to get internet access. The connection speed is very low with 20 KBPS and most of the times the connection will be terminated due to the signal problem, i am very much annoyed with the slow connection speed. Even though the cost is low, i never get satisfaction with the slow connection and planned to change the service provider. 

Now i am using Reliance data card for my net access and quite satisfied with it. I don’t subscribe for 3G or great speed connection, i am just using 2G connection with a good speed and paying 1300 rupees around 28 dollars per month for 15 GB usage. I am a great online savvy and need more than 15 GB per month, as i am using prepaid card, some times i will recharge my card before the validity period due to the usage. 

Don’t get suffered with slow internet connections, just switch to a good connection to get more satisfaction. Though high speed connections requires more money, but we will get more enjoyment and satisfaction while using it.

What about you? What is the connection speed of your internet connection? Are you satisfied with it? Are you interested in changing your service provider for getting a good internet speed? Do you get irritation while working with a slow internet? Are you using 3G services to get fast access? What is your opinion about the internet speed? Do you give improtance to it?


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