How t0 treat insomnia

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Step 1

What type of person are you ? Are you the type who can get up in the morning and face your day head on? Or are you the type who goes to sleep late and can’t get your wheels moving in the morning. Some people can stay up all night and it’s a problem for them. They just can’t function. I know, I have 2 teenagers who think they work the grave yard shift. But that’s another story, that I must write about . Any how This can be a problem.

Step 2

Why not make your bed comfortable. A good mattress and pillows will help you enjoy your sleep. Do you have nice soft sheets. If not, you can buy some when you have the time and money. These sheets feel so luxurious next to your skin, You may never want to get out bed. Your bed should be the place where you can just relax.

Step 3

Lets try darkening the room, too much glare, does not help at all. So by darkening your room may trigger the sleep cycle. If you like soothing sounds you can get a cd that has rain sounds and ocean sounds. Play them low while trying to sleep they do help calm you down and ready for bed.

Step 4

Now, how about making a soothing cup of chamomile tea and sit and relax
in your tub. A soothing tub is a winner for me. Just relax and think calgon take me away, don’t for get the tea now !. It’s nothing like having some me time for you , so sit in the tub and just relax, everybody will be alright. You do you now ! Try soaking a few times a week. Try a good massage.

Step 5

Now this is for the grown and sexy , If you can’t fall asleep married folks, try having some sex. Get all worked up, betcha you’ll go to sleep afterwards!!!

Step 6

If all else fails go to your doctor and explain all of your symptoms . Try going on a vacation it just maybe what the doctor may order, something simple as that . Whatever you do just do something about it


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