Avoiding A Terrible Burnout

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Step 1

Create a sanctuary, we’re really busy balancing work, family and other interest, we rarely don’t have time for ourselves. Get out and do projects that you have put off. You know that project that you never got around to. Ahh yes that one! Take one day at a time, and do the things that you like to do. So go ahead and continue to do your daily tasks and go and recharge those batteries.

Step 2

I’m gonna buy that outfit! Go shopping with some friends, this usually helps out, when you feeling bad . If your on a budget, spend wisely. Buy something that is not too expensive, but very meaningful to you.

Step 3

Try my favorite mixture, hops, limeblossome,don’t forget the lavender. These are all dried herbs. Place them in a clean sock or sash. Place this beneath your pillow. When moving throughout the night, those herbs will crush, and release a beautiful fragrance. This is called an herbal pillow. It will help, to renew vigor, and help with a restful sleep.

Step 4

Sstay at a posh resort, get pampered andenjoy yourself. Love yourself. Get out and rent a room for a few days if you can. Stay at a nice resort or which ever you choose. Don’t be cheap. Remember this is You that you are pampering, You should have the best! This is a great escape knowing that someone will clean up after you for a change. This is a great pick me up


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