Demistifying Snmp And Other New Technologies

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Simple Network Management Protocol is defined as an internet protocol is a technology that is capable of handling devices on an IP network. Routers, switches and modem racks are just some of the devices that typically support SNMP. The technology is meant for the exposure of management data. The data is usually represented as variables on a system that is managed. The managing applications are capable of setting and/or quering the variables that have been set.

There are new technologies in the industry today that are of interest. 
Firstly, Microsoft recently released a patch usable by remote desktop servers and computers that use the internet. This patch was crucial to be able to prevent malware access to the user computer due to a bug existent in the computer operating system.

Secondly, Symantec asked users specifically to desist from using old pcAnyWhere. This is after the fact that they admitted that there was a source code malfunction that could make the systems susceptible to hacking and phishing. The new versions of the program from Version 12.5X have the bug fixed and therefore free from risk.

Thirdly, Microsoft released into the market InternetExplorer9 that they said was going to give faster browsing options for the users. It also was going to give faster JavaScript that is important for applications such as email and video streaming. However, the new browser only works effectively with newer operating systems such as Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

Fourthly, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority now started assigning the IPv6 web addresses after the final IPv4 were allocated. This, in essence, means that all new IP addresses will have 6 instead of the usual 4 clusters they used to have. Consumers and businesses will have to upgrade their internet connections to be able to handle the new IPv6 technology. Routers, switches and other equipment have to be upgraded in a year or two, to be able to accommodate the IPv6. It is a revolution for SNMP.

Fifthly, Google is in the final stages of their Google Goggles project that is set to revolutionize internet use. With this technology, users will be able to use the internet using an eyepiece. The device can be controlled by either nodding or shaking the head.

Sixthly, the Apple iPad3 was finally released by Apple Inc. The iPad3 boasts of a 4G internet connection, and has memory of between 16 and 64 GB. The high speeds of this device are claimed to be responsible for interruption of TV signals.

Seventhly, Microsoft released a beta version of Windows 8 for users to test and get a feel of it. Users are able to give their comments on their interaction experience with the system. Their feedback is used to improve the system operation. There is also a way of making sure that the operating system is user- oriented and not just for geeks.

Eighthly, an application known as Blue Stacks has been developed to be able to run Android applications on the new Windows 8 operating system. These applications range form games to functional-use programs. This is going to increase the number of applications usable on a PC, and also increase the functionality options for the PC user.

My main goal is inspire other people to play and share the same passion that I feels for IT. In addition, I have worked with many different IT creators and in different medias and OidView SNMP is my favorite technology.


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