How to Get And Stay Motivated to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

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If you are going to be successful in weight loss or muscle building then you need to stay motivated. Without motivation, you will not workout, you will not diet, you will not try, and you will not succeed. This is one of the least talked about factors when it comes to losing weight and being successful in your fitness goals. People spend a lot of time talking about the newest workouts, diets, and supplements that they have heard about, but they ignore the simple underlying fact. No matter what you know about working out and dieting. No matter how much time you spend on forums or talking to your buddies and coming up with plans. If you do not have the motivation to actually take action and follow through with your plan, you simply will not achieve your fitness goals.

There are many ways to get motivated and start your training. One of my favorite ways is to search the internet and find impressive and inspiring athletes. Look up youtube videos of people working out or performing amazing physical feats of strength, endurance, and skill. Sometimes, just viewing a few videos or reading a couple of success stories is all it takes to get motivated. Another good way to get motivated is to listen to some music. I find that high tempo songs work the best. Listen to anything that makes you want to get up and workout. Everyone has there own preference. Try listening to some rock, techno, metal, dubstep, or anything else. Some people like to workout to and get inspired by classical music. So, if none of the above types of music gets you hyped for a workout, just try another genre.

The next problem people run into is staying motivated. Even if you manage to find a role model or get some really awesome music that makes you want to workout and gets you motivated, you need to be able to keep that up. Being in shape is not a short term goal. How do you get through your entire workout? How do you stick to your diet? How do you keep the weight off once you lose it? This is the really hard part and the part of dieting, weight loss, working out, and muscle building that most people ignore or don’t talk about. They get you all hyped up or you get yourself motivated and then a week in you quit and go back to your old ways. 

The best thing for this is to create a support group. Find people who want to lose weight, gain muscle, like working out, or just people who will be there for you. It is easy to skip a workout or blow your diet when its just you; you’ll be able to make all kinds of excuses to yourself. However, when there are other people counting on you for a workout or who are dieting along with you, you won’t want to let them down. You can also make friendly competitions. Competition drives many people and the challenge of seeing who can stick to their diet, who can lose the most weight, who can bench the most, etc are all amazing ways to stay motivated and stick to your plan.


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