Som Reasons Married Men Goes For Cheating

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“I cheated on my spouse because he does not act like he loves me anymore.” In the event you are neglecting your husband or significant other, or basically taking them for granted, you may find yourself dealing with a man that might give you this reason as his reason for cheating on you.

 “I cheated because the woman was coming on to me & I did not thought my spouse will find out.” There’s some females that feel comfortable dating married men, & if these kinds of females cross paths together with your husband while they is far away from house, or when you are out of sight, your man may succumb to having an additional marital affair if his morals are not strong.

 “I did not have sex with the woman. All I did was talk on the phone.” Some men think that cheating is only when they take a woman to bed. & nothing is farther from the fact. A man can cheat on you emotionally when they gives emotional attention to another woman. If your man is not feeling an emotional connection with you, they may stray & finally cheat on you. The distance between him basically speaking to another woman on the phone & slipping in to bed to have sex together with her, is narrow.

 “I was curious & desired to see what another woman feels like.” You have heard the saying, “Curiosity killed the cat”, & it can kill your relationship in the event you don’t make sure you keep your man physically & emotionally focused on you.

 “Yes, I may have had sex with that woman, but I do not love her. I am liking my spouse.” Crazy, is not it? This is exactly how some men think. They think they can go to bed with another woman without loving her. Again, in the event you are not satisfying your man’ s sexual desires, you may find yourself dealing with a situation where your man starts seeking sexual satisfaction outside your relationship.

 “She is the who started it!” How juvenile is this? & while it may be true, they did not must say yes. Do not let him fool you in to believing that they is an innocent victim.

7. “Our relationship was getting boring. He seldom wishes to do anything or go anywhere & I met somebody who knows how to have fun”. Do you make time out to have fun together with your husband? Did the fire fizzle out a few years after you said, “I do?”

“Since you were not willing to do some of the things I am liking in bed, you left me with no choice but to find somebody else who will.” Yes, some men will cheat on you when they find somebody else who is willing or enjoys some of the things you despise doing to him. A great way to prevent this is to make sure you take some of his sexual fantasies in to consideration.

 “She is seldom home when I need her. It appeared like her job was more important that I was to her.” Are you working much & squeezing him out of your life. In the event you are, you may be in for a rude awakening.



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