Restoring Those Old Joints .

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Step 1

A bunion is really bursitis too. It is an inflammation of the joints between your big toe and your foot bone. Did you know that you tiny
fluid filled sacs. They are found throughout your body where a tendon passes over bone at a joint. when the bursa is inflamed, you have bursitis.

Step 2

Did you know that your body has roughly over 160 bursa? Can you imagine the painful possibilities?. I can ! Most common areas are joints that under go heavy wear and tear. This can include hips, shoulders. sudden movement or repetitive moves like painting, playing tennis , can get that thing started. Most of the time the condition can kick fin after an accident, or some stressful movement of a heavy job.

Step 3

Once you pay a visit to your doctor, and take that x-ray, He can tell you if you have bursitis or not. If you have bursitis , you can get an over the counter cream called capsicum This will aid in healing of your bursitis. This cream can be bought over the counter. How does this cream work it ? works by adding relief to your sore joint. this brings more blood by circulation to those sore bursa with healing oxygen. You can apply 3 times a day. Which ever you doctor prescribes.


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