Why do Anything?

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In this world, there are many ideals, many shoulds and coulds. There are happy, wealthy people with strong families, and then there are people who are not so lucky. There is little you can do about either, but it is certainly possible to choose how you will live. In this life, you can be a painter or a musician, a business owner or a politician. Some roles pay more than others, of course, forcing you to choose between money and happiness doing what you enjoy. For some, money brings happiness. Those people feel good making money. They enjoy working and then having other people work for them, but what if you are not like that? What if you don’t want money or influence in the world? What if you know that none of that actually matters, that your difference you make in a world with 7 billion people is beyond insignificent? That your entire life is effectively useless. You will not be famous or become a millionaire. At best, you might get a few hundred social networking friends, but in reality, none of that matters. You will soon die, or the popular internet sites will become unpopular. Your friends will forget about you and you will surely die, for no matter how you struggle, how rich or how powerful you become, you are doomed to die.
Is that it? Is there more after you die? No, there is not. Why should there be? If there is any sort of god, what purpose would this life serve? There would be no purpose except for someone high above to laugh at. Or would a god think nothing of us, the same we think nothing of an ant? That is assuming a god exists, which is highly unlikely.

Like ants, most people are very similar. Some people are republicans, some are democrats, some are very spiritual and some are philosophical and scientific. But what does that mean? It means that most people are the same, based around certain groupings and cliques. You can view this as common ground, or the mind rending fact that you are not unique, that you are a boring and repeatitive person. Your ideas are not original, your dreams and aspirations are not original. Nearly everything you have ever thought has already been thought by someone else before.

This may be true, but why should you care? Even though you are doomed to die, why live that way? Like a tree, there is no true purpose to your life. A single amoeba does not matter to anyone. You are made of cells, each as pointless as a protozoa. But you can think and feel, so even when life seems pointless, when you don’t have enough money or friends or control in your life, why suffer? There is always something you can do to try to be happy. Attempts will fail, but if you have faith in your actions, you will be able to make a choice in your life, something that will force the very universe itself to alter it’s course, with you at the helm. If you can get up and do what you know you must do, there is a way to be happy, to make money or to be yourself. Never give up doing what makes you happy, because if you are not happy, just remember that you’re doomed to die… and time is running out.


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