He Said Forgive Them Father

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He said forgive them father,

For they know not what they do.
Into your hands I commend my spirit.
I’m coming home to you.
I’ve been taken,and by wicked hands
crucified,and slain.
But Father you have raised me up,
and of death,you loosed the pain.
Weep not,weep not,Oh weep not for me!
Angels dance all about my throne
Rejoicing quite merrily!
I’m sitting on the right hand,
the prophecies now fulfilled.
What a mansion awaits each one of you!
You shall see when you get here
My Father shall welcome you with open arms
just as he has me.
What a loving,and forgiving Father we have,
With your whole heart you must believe!
Power and dominion I have been given
over the heavens and the earth.
And I shall be with you always
until the very end of the world!

Just Never Could Quite Find The Time

Written By Joanna Lenae’

Written one night after I had just finished praying, I was about to drift off to sleep, when God gave me this. How busy are you? Can you find the time?

Such a busy life she had,

Always on the go!

Try as she might,but never taking the time to help not one needy soul.

A good heart indeed she did possess.

Her intentions were well meant.

She just never could quite find the time,

as she grew old,and tired,and spent.

In her final days the sickness came.

Death soon carried her away.

Standing there before the Lord as he looked at all the names.

That he,himself had written in the Precious Book of Life.

She suddenly began to sob and wail for her name he could not find!

He said,”Depart from me,I never knew you!

I even checked the good book twice!

I really meant to write it down.

I just never could quite find the time!


Unshakable Foundation

Written By Joanna Lenae’

Wherever One Looks,People Are Disobeying Our Father,

But Don’t Be Tempted To Envy

For Things Are Not What They Seem!

Because Their Time Will Soon Be Up.

All Life As Insubstanstial As A Puff

Of Wind That Breezes Through But

For A Moment So Brief.

Feeble Attempts To Justify Themselves Will

Merely Serve To Prove Their Guilt.

Sadly Their Sin Has Cut Them Off From Our Lord

Yet He Continues To Forgive!

So Don’t Think You’re An Outcast,

And It’s Way Too Late.

Just Take A Moment To

Bow Your Head and Pray.

He Knows We’re Not Perfect,

And We Will Make Mistakes.

With Your Whole Heart Ask Forgiveness,

Then Your Sins Are Cast Away!

From As Far As The East Is To The West.

Your Sins Are No More In His Eyes.

You Have Become A Son,Or A Daughter

Of The Blessed King Upon High!

He Doesn’t Rule With An Iron Fist,

But With A Loving Heart.

It May Be Difficult To Understand It All Now,

But A Child Of The King You Are!

He Says Our Sins Are Cast Into The Depths Of The Sea.

To Him Forgiven Means Forgotten.

Take Him Into Your Heart Right Now

For You Are A Child Of The King!!!


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