The Truth About Bottled Water

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Water is the most vital entity in preserving life in the world. Of course with that kind of human dependency for life you know the corporations would think of some way to charge for something that actually falls from the sky.

Bottled Water

How do they actually get people to buy something they can get for free? By making people think that the water we have now is harmful for us. We hear “don’t drink that free water it’s dirty. Buy our new and improved bottled water. You know it’s good because it comes with a label.” The truth of the matter is when compared to regular old fashioned tap water around the country most bottled waters actually proved to be no cleaner than the stuff in your pipes.

Vitamin Water

How else could the corporations sell you something that you can get for free? By putting vitamins in their water and telling you that your water has no nutritional value. “Here’s a nice vitamin water to help you get all those important vitamins and minerals you just can’t get from a glass of plain old tap water.” Yes it’s true your tap water is pure and does nothing more than keep you alive by hydrating you, but you want to hear something that will make you mad now but you can smile about later? Alright here goes. There are two types of vitamins, fat soluble and water soluble. Fat soluble is broken down by the fat in the body while water soluble vitamins use water to break them down. In fact water soluble vitamins are so fragile that simple food preparations using water can damage the vitamins so imagine if these vitamins were sitting around in a bottle full of water all day. In fact the water soluble vitamins are the most important since they do not store in the body like the fat soluble vitamins do. Just to give you the idea of how important water soluble vitamins are both the entire b vitamin complex and vitamin c are water soluble vitamins. So what’s really going on here is the water companies are selling you vitamins that are destroyed way before they even get to the store let alone down your throat.

Low Calorie Water

So far the water companies have been able to sell us the same water that comes from our taps, water with vitamins that we never get to use and now just to prove how gullible people really are they will now sell us something we should all know better than to buy, LOW CALORIE WATER! Did you catch the punch line? I said LOW calorie water. Regular water does not have calories. So water with one calorie would be HIGH calorie water but the thing is these corporate waters have WAY more calories than that. We’re talking about water that has 60 calories which is 60 more calories than regular water but yet they still have the faith that people will be stupid enough to buy it. Just the fact that these people had the stones to call this stuff low calorie should clearly demonstrate the amount of respect they have for the public


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