The Unpleasant Facts of Online Writing

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It is very much  a buyer’s market   Hundreds of Sites exist which claim to pay for online writing.  And more pop up every day.  Whether one is paid by the site at some pre-set rate, or one is paid by hits or clicks on Ads the word ‘pay’ is almost insulting. This is because it is so low that one would make more money packing shelves in a supermarket in one hour then they stand to gain in one week on any of the so-called writing sites.

I use the term so-called becuse the vast majority are simply advertising pages in which the writer’s prose is used to separate the ads. Some sites are so choked with ads contributors lose any credence their writing may possess.

Some sites take a writer’s work as their own, having devised the kind of confused Terms of Service that requires a lawyer to translate. Some sites do not tamper with the copyright.  These are the best of a bad bargain.

Some sites pay by ‘clicks’ on ads.  One Million people can view the article, if none of them clicks on an ad, the writer receives nothing. 

Some sites demand exceptionally high quality with endless rules yet pay so little  it is a complete waste of time to submit. That is, if one is even paid; for many sites do not pay.   There is no recourse for the writer who has been ripped off unless s/he lives in America and has some connection to the various agencies which might investigate.

Despite the hundreds of sites available, not one can be recommended.

It seems remarkable that there is no site which ‘plays fair’ yet, such is the reality. 

The least offensive are those blog like sites in which one is paid via Adsense or Chikita.  Yes, one would earn more, that is gain the full ad revenue, if they created their own free blog and placed their own ads, however, many prefer the possibility of the ‘in house’ click so join these kinds of sites.

The most offensive are those which require a great deal of work and pay so little that it is unconscionable, that is, if they pay at all.  Sites such as Factoidz/Knoji have garnered a very bad reputation.   The newer Wikinut, which pays very little, has no schedule of payment and no way to Independently check hits or the calculation of hits, so is very much at the whim of the Owner.  The amount of work one needs to perform to publish there makes it a must avoid.

Those who make money on line often write unmitigated garbage; that is sentence after sentence full of today’s top SEO terms and Keywords, which fool the Search engines.

No site markets one’s worlk,  this is up to the writer.  S/he must get the work published then spend hours going from one network to another, one blog to another, one forum to another, trying get people to read without becoming a pest.

Currently, only Triond which pays very little, has a schedule of payments, has a schedule of how much is paid per hit per category, and gives an up to the minute graph of hits, clicks, and comments.   It’s standards are fairly low, so that  one doesn’t have to spend hours polishing, perfecting.

The tragedy of Triond is that there was a time standards were higher, there was moderation, and it was not disdained by Google.   This disdain has caused such a decline that  where one could reasonablly expect to make $50.00 a month now one is happy to get $10.00 and many don’t even get a $1.00

Hence we find ourselves at the sad point where the worst work sells the best work is riped off, and writers are reduced to providing the wallpaper on which to hang ads.


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