Real Remedies to Relieve Morning Sickness.

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    To help you deal with the horrible symptoms of morning sickness, these are a few remedies that are usually good at relieving you.

  There are some vitamins that are good morning sickness remedies. You can find a few different types of vitamin formulas in your prenatal vitamins.

    Vitamin B6 has been used for years to prevent and treat morning sickness symptoms. You need to take this vitamin at least a few hours before you typically experience an attack if you want to prevent or reduce a morning sickness attack. You should not, however, take excessive amounts of Vitamin B6, and the recommended dose is usually no more than 75mg per day. Other prenatal vitamins can also help you deal with morning sickness symptoms. You may want to ask your doctor for more recommendations regarding vitamins and supplements that are effective morning sickness remedies.

     Essential oils can also be used to heal yourself of morning sickness symptoms. Pregnant women often have extra sensitivity towards certain odors. Of course this can be a bad odor that makes you nauseous, but good smells help too which is why many experts recommend aromatherapy for a morning sickness remedy. Some scents help with morning sickness more than other scents and peppermint oil is one of the best ones. You may have heard of peppermint being used for digestive disorders and some drink it in tea form, but in oil form there’s nothing like it for morning sickness. Don’t worry if you don’t have an aromatherapy setup, because you can always just drop some peppermint oil in a bowl of warm water. If you use this while you sleep, you will likely find that your symptoms are much better in the morning. Some other essences, such as lemon or lavender might also be helpful as morning sickness remedies.

  Morning sickness symptoms can also sometimes be relieved by bodywork or massage therapy. When you go for a therapeutic massage, not only will your morning sickness symptoms hopefully disappear, but you will feel better than ever. If you are going to go in for a massage therapy session, always request someone who has the skills to work with pregnant women. A great way to find a good massage therapist is to ask your pregnant and former pregnant friends if they can recommend anyone. Depending on the type of massage or bodywork, some practitioners may also rub reflexology points, which can be healing to areas that are giving you problems. As long as you know the masseuse or bodyworker is well qualified, this can be a very pleasant morning sickness remedy. Morning sickness will usually only last for three months in the initial stages of your pregnancy, but it’s still not something you want to endure. In general, rest as much as you can, eat when you’re hungry and keep the above morning sickness remedies in mind, and it will be gone before you know it!


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