Research In Motion (Rim) Denies Surrender in Consumer Markets

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Research In Motion (RIM) to cancel the claims of the consumer smartphone out of business. It is delivered by the SVP and MD Global Sales and Marketing Regional RIM, Patrick Spence said that the claim is not entirely accurate.
Previously CEO of RIM, Thorsten Heins claims, the company will focus on the business sector after losing USD125 million. But the latest news, RIM has told Tech Radar that’s only part of the story.
“The statement that RIM said it would withdraw from the consumer market, not accurate,” says Spence.
“As we announced plans to refocus on our core strengths and the company’s customer base. We very strongly that, will continue to build up the strength to pursue our target consumer segment, “he added.
Among the strengths is Spence, among others, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger, security and management platform.
Spence’s statement is also supported by Twitter VP of Developer Relations singing RIM, Alec Saunders. “The interpretation of the statement is false about the BlackBerry. We did not leave the consumer market, “he said as quoted by TechRadar, Sunday (04/01/2012).
Besides RIM also said some of the information, ie phone new BlackBerry 7 will attend this year and will bring a new wave in the market through prombakan BlackBerry BlackBerry operating system 10, although no details on when it will be launched.

Tips If You Lost At Login ID Password BlackBerry App World

Have you run into when going to download a theme or an application on the Blackberry App World, all of a sudden you can not login to the Blackberry App World for Blackberry ID you forget your password? Or when logging appears Error Unable to validate the email address and password combination (Error ID: 30 601). What should we do? Here are his tips:

A. When you are asked to login when entering the BlackBerry App World, click Forgot Password?

2. When the BlackBerry appear Id Username, click your username or email address you use.

3. When he appeared Password Recovery Question, enter the answer, if you answer correctly then you can immediately change the password with a new password.

If your answer is still wrong then the next step is to create a new BlackBerry Id. The trick is to click or then please click the Register for a BlackBerry Id and follow the instructions there. To be sure you fill in the password easy to remember and Password Recovery Question that is easy to answer.


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