LG Intends to Launch a Thinking Smartphone

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LG has not gained success as a rival, Samsung, when the transition from feature phones to smart phones. But still smoldering ambition is seen in the company is headquartered in Yeouido, South Korea.

Managing Director of LG Mobile Communications Suk Bong Kwon revealed that his company plans to introduce a new smartphone that can think (thinking smartphones).

If the current LG strategy is to provide a variety of features and entertainment options, the next is to find ways to build products that are more intelligent and responsive to the needs of its users.

Kwon pointed out, the user set the alarm for six in the morning, but his smart phone suddenly realize there is congestion on the road to the office. Smart phones that can wake the user thought it would a half hour early so as not to late.

LG is one company that strives to achieve success with high-end smartphone with the Android handset launched the first dual-core, Optimus 2X, and this year with a quad-core LG faces an uphill battle. To ease the struggle of their marketing, LG plans to introduce a “smartphone thought,” first.

The news was disclosed by Kwon Bong-suk, Managing Director of LG Mobile Communications. Of course you will be asked as to whether cell phones are capable of thinking. To emphasize this, LG executives noted that the next big innovation is not necessarily come from Apple and LG is looking for innovation to bring the “universal value” for all smartphone users.

LG is also planning to release a smartphone $ 100 or about USD 950 thousand, which, as with mobile phones made by Nokia, but iovasi and cheap LG mobile phones will not rush to enter the market unless they are sure to provide a smooth experience for users.

Moreover, in terms of price tag, Kwon noted that LG plans to release a smart phone with a price of approximately $ 100. However, the company will not do so until they are sure the device is not acceptable to sacrifice the quality of its users.

He also said the preparations for the development of smart phones are capable of thinking are now being taken. In other words, there is still time before we see a revolution of mobile devices.


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